Coyote Urine

Use Coyote Urine To Fool Deer

The use of coyote urine is a time-tested method of keeping deer away from where you don't want them to be, especially in flower and vegetable gardens. The effectiveness of coyote urine stems from the fact that the coyote is a predator, and deer will tend to stay away from an area if they think a coyote is in the neighborhood.



Coyote urine is considered by many to be the most effective any deer repellent you can use, with the exception of deer fencing, and coyote urine is certainly a lot less expensive. Beagles also are effective at keeping deer away, but most people don't particularly want to hear a beagle howling at all hours of the night, and you just can't let a beagle roam free, or its nose will take it to heaven knows where.

Pee Party? - Human urine supposedly works as well but there is something about it that might keep visitors away that are actually welcome, like the neighbors. If your neighbors suspect you're spraying your plants with human pee they may understandably keep a certain distance from your yard and garden, while coyote urine does not raise the same psychological problem.

There are other chemical concoctions that are effective as deer repellents, many of which are foul smelling to people as well as to deer (but not to dogs). Such repellents usually have to be sprayed again and again to remain effective, and there are instances where deer eventually simply ignore them, which is normally not the case with coyote urine.

If you're getting the real stuff and not some synthetic urine, if there indeed is any synthetic urine on the market, you should be getting the same product regardless of the label, so unless some products have been diluted, you'll be better off by paying for the least costly item per unit volume. There don't appear to be any field studies that indicate the relative effectiveness of diluted coyote urine, or if so, just how much you can dilute it without its loosing its effectiveness. It's pretty much a case of what you see on the label is what you get.

Trade Secrets - Just how coyote urine is collected is a question that no doubt begs for an answer. If it were a matter of following a coyote around until it's time to collect a sample, wild coyote urine would be extremely expensive as opposed to the urine from coyotes held in captivity, and a coyote in the wild is not one bit apt to be cooperative. It won't let you get close with your little bottle, and you really don't want to get close anyway. The obvious answer would be coyote farms or tamer coyotes who have been trained to lift their legs in a particular location.

Those who sell coyote urine, either to the public or to other retailers, apparently must know how to go about it. A zoo would be one obvious source, as would an animal farm, where a few coyotes might be kept in a somewhat confined area featuring a drain arrangement to collect urine. This is fact is how coyote urine is collected. As far is as known it is quite a humane operation. Coyotes are not chained to a post and given lots of water to drink as far as we know. There are very few purveyors of the substance, perhaps no more than 2 or 3. One such wholesaler goes by the somewhat telling name of Lift Your Leg Enterprises.

If you have a deer problem and can't afford to put up fencing, or don't have a beagle, a jar or spray bottle of coyote urine might just be the answer to your prayers. One disadvantage? You may attract coyotes.