Courageous People

Courageous People Are All Around Us

When putting together a list of courageous people one will naturally gravitate to those who are very well known, whose courage has made them into what we call heroes and heroines. Certainly there are many to deserve accolades and publicity for what they have done. In most instances however, people show a quiet kind of courage that goes unnoticed by most everyone. Courageous people come from all walks of life and are found in every age group. If you're old enough to know fear you're old enough to show courage.

Courageous people have in most every instance had something to fear or at least a feeling of uncertainly and one of not being in complete control. One definition of courage could be the willingness to take a risk while being uncertain or fearful of the outcome. Courageous people in the movies often appear to show no fear, yet fear and courage go hand in hand. In real life when someone performs an act of courage, that person is usually somewhere between being a little apprehensive on the one hand and scared to death on the other. Courage is a gift we are given that allows us to take action when we are in fact seemingly too afraid or fearful to do so.

From All Walks Of Life - The firefighters who entered the Twin Towers on 9/11 certainly were courageous people, as were employees in the buildings who tried to save others and not just themselves, whether they succeeded or not, or whether they lived or not. The firefighters were of course acting out of a sense of duty, but that didn't make them any less courageous.

Professional bull riders are courageous people, although some others prefer to call them simply crazy. Bull riders will tell you that any one of their kind who professes not to be afraid when on the back of a bull is lying. As one of them put it, "when you're on the back of one of those animals, you’re scared to death being up there, but at the same time too afraid to get off".  You don't have to try to ride a bull to show courage. There are many instances of those who have learned to ride a horse, though initially being terrified of the animals.

A highway patrolman shows courage every time he stops a motorist, or every time he is engaged in a high-speed chase, not to mention a shoot out. Businessmen show courage when they invest all of their wealth in a new and uncertain venture. More than one Hollywood personality has spent his or her own money to produce a movie, at great risk, when no one else would finance it.

Two Books About Courage - An extreme example of courageous people can be found in the book Tears Of Darkness which gives a detailed account of the Bataan Death March in World War II. The courage shown here was not only the willingness to fight against overwhelming odds but the willingness to try to survive and help others do so as well when all seemed hopeless. Another book, Undaunted Courage, gives the true account of a brave band of men under the leadership of two courageous people, who venture far into the unknown. The book relates the hardships and experiences encountered by the members of the Lewis And Clark Expedition.

Courageous people are all around us. You seem them as single moms struggling to make ends meet, people who stand up to bullies, whether in the schoolyard or the workplace, employees who are willing to their mind knowing the boss won't be happy to hear what is said. Courageous people battle cancer and other illnesses and disabilities and courageous people, unaccustomed to public speaking, speak in front of others even when they are terrified of the thought of doings. All you need is to be afraid to do something that needs to be done, and then do it. Then you show courage.