Couple Activities

Fun Couple Activities

It is easy to get into a rut in your relationship, but finding fun couple activities can help you keep things fresh and new. Some couple activities can be done alone, while others are great for a group. Below are some ideas for couple activities that will help get you off of the couch and out living life!

Train for a Race

For the ultimate in getting rid of the couch potato syndrome, consider training for a race together. This is among the great couple activities, because you can do it together and it is great for your health.

You can provide encouragement to each other and, for couples who are a bit competitive, it is a fun way to be able to compete with each other, thus further inspiring you each to do your very best.


Some of the best couple activities are those that are sort of once-in-a-lifetime adventures. This may include a ride in a hot air balloon, scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef or rafting through the Grand Canyon.

Whatever adventure that you choose, the fact that you are sharing this special event with your significant other will help you bond and will create memories that can last a lifetime.

Dinner Theater

A fun idea for couple activities for a group of couples is attending a dinner theater. You will be able to eat a meal together while watching a show.

Many dinner theaters include an interactive aspect which makes it even more fun for a group.

Day at the Beach

There is something very romantic about being at the beach with the one you love. Maybe it is the sound of the waves or the smell of the salt in the air. Lying next to the one you love while sipping iced tea and reading a good book is one of the couple activities that does not require any money or planning.

Just grab your gear and head for the beach.

 Camping Adventure

Sometimes, couples just need to get away from it all. Camping is one of the best ways to do just that. There are various types of camping. Whether you choose to camp in a remote wilderness or at a commercial campsite complete with bath houses and hot running water, just being able to leave the every day grind and spend some time outdoors make this one of the best couple activities on the list.

His Pick, Her Pick

Can’t agree on what to do? Does he want to head to the racetrack, and you’d rather get a couple’s massage? Just agree to let the other person pick the activity this time, and you get to choose the next.

This will allow both partners to be able to enjoy the activity that they choose with the person they love and it will expose the other person to activities that they may never have tried on their own.

It is not difficult to find couple activities that you both can enjoy. Whether you have an unlimited budget or no money at all, there are things that you can do together that do NOT involve a remote control. Pick a fun activity today and put a new spark in your relationship.