Cooking Fresh Green Beans

Tips For Cooking Fresh Green Beans

Cooking fresh green beans can be a delight in the summer time.  There is nothing better than enjoying the taste of a fresh fruit or vegetable.  However, if you have never cooked a fresh vegetable you are going to need to do a little bit of research.  You want to be sure that you are cooking the green beans correctly so that they will taste delicious.  This article will look at how to cook them correctly so you will be glad that you decided to go fresh.

If you are going to start cooking fresh green beans you will need to go through all of the green beans you have and sort them.   Make sure to take your time doing this so that you can get out any beans that do not look good or have brown spots on them.  Also take out any that look wrinkled or are soft.  You will know if they are soft if they bend rather than snap when you try to snap the ends off of them.  You want to have a lot of beans that are going to make a fresh snapping sound when you do this.  Once they have been sorted and the stems are removed you will quickly rinse then in cold water so that you can get off any dirt.

When cooking fresh green beans, you want to keep the process quick so that they are not over cooked.  This causes them to lose the vitamins and nutrients that make them so good for you in the first place and they become very mushy.  Most people will begin by blanching them and then shocking them.  You start this process by placing a bowl of ice water very close to the stove.  You will then bring another pot of water to a boil on the stove.  You should add salt to this water.  If you taste the water it should taste salty.  That is how you know that you have added enough salt to the water.

Once the water is ready you will add the green beans and let them cook for approximately one minute.  You will test the beans to make sure that they are ready by taking one out of the water and seeing if it droops a little bit.  If it does you should taste it.  As long as it does not taste raw in the middle you know that it is ready.  Now you are going to want to stop the cooking process.  This is done by taking a spoon with holes in it and scooping them out.

You will immediately place them into the bowl of ice water that you have next to the stove.  Let them stay in the water until they are completely cooled down.  Be sure to keep a close eye on them because if you leave them in the water for to long once they have cooled they will get water logged and taste bad.  Now they are finished.  If you are ready to eat them, and you want them warm, you can simply dunk them very quickly into the hot water on the stove.

Cooking fresh green beans has many possibilities.  They provide your family with a lot of good nutrients and vitamins and that makes cooking them even better.  They are going to taste a lot better than beans out of a can and they are better for you.  If you really enjoy them and you would like to have them all year long, you can spend some time learning how to properly freeze them or can them so that you can store them.