Confused About Love

Why People Are Confused About Love

People spend so much time being confused about love. It can come right after you meet someone special or even before you meet anyone. There do not seem to be any rules when it comes to love and even if you have a few, the person you are dating may not have any. So it can be easy to be confused about love.

One of the biggest problems is misperceptions. When we first start to like a person we can make the things they do seem funny or cute, when we should be seeing them as red flags. By the time we are in a relationship the behavior becomes worse and we wonder what we ever saw in that person. Perhaps this is a female problem because they don’t have a problem displaying emotions like men do.

Women are usually more open and honest about the way they are feeling. While men will not likely want to discuss what they are thinking at the moment or how they feel about the relationship. If a woman constantly talks about these things a man will do one of two things. He will either exit the relationship immediately or quietly go along with what the woman is saying without voicing an opinion. Later on in the relationship, the woman is bound to find out how the man really feels and this can make the woman more than a little confused about love.

Another confusing topic is dating. A date can go perfectly and it can seem romantic and special. But the problem is this view is only shared by one and the other person could have perceived the date another way. The person who thinks that the date went smoothly might be excited and hopeful that the other person will call them. But over time they realize that the other person did not feel the same way they did and that they are probably never going to call.

Many people who are confused about love fall into this category. They are the ones that wait by the phone for weeks hoping for a phone call or text message. This is a hard situation and too often the only way to get over it is to be rejected by the other person. Otherwise you are left to wonder what happened in the dating process. Most of the time, it is hard to think that another person does not like you for whatever reason but while dating it is a good idea to take it slow and be prepared for rejection. Realize that the person may have had another relationship or does not feel the chemistry that you do and know that this is probably best for you and them.

Dating is not the only time people become confused about love. Married couples can suffer with problems just like everyone else. The first sign of martial problems usually comes around six months after the wedding. This is when the couple realizes not only the good points of their spouses but the bad points too. The must learn how to accept the persons habits and this can cause problems. There are also times throughout a marriage when a partner can stop communicating and start doing other things. Married people have to deal with infidelity, financial problems, in laws and children. All of these things can bring on change and when the relationship changes people can grow apart.

The best thing to remember about love is that it should not be confusing. There are problems that will arise in a relationship but for it to work you cannot be confused over fifty percent of the time. When a relationship becomes too confusing it is time to leave it.