Confidence With Women

Gain Confidence with Women

Do you lack confidence with women? Some guys are just more confident around girls, while others have to work to become self-assured. While it’s not easy to compete with those who naturally ooze confidence with women, it is possible to learn how to be more at ease around the opposite gender. Read on to learn ways that you can ditch the nervous babbling and sweaty palms and gain an air of confidence that is certain to start turning heads your way.

The first thing you need to realize is that there is no quick fix to gaining confidence. Confidence is essentially impacted by your own beliefs in yourself and the way you mentally prepare for a situation. Because the core of your troubles is likely to lie in your mental conception of finding a woman, it’s important to start there and work your way up.

Self Esteem

Don’t roll your eyes at the term “self esteem”. A person’s self esteem can impact many areas of their life and is in no way limited to one’s looks. The key to patching the hole in your self esteem that could be causing your unease around the fairer sex is to find out where this negative feeling is coming from. Is it possible that you had a bad incident with a girl when you were younger which might have followed you into your adulthood? Maybe you are giving up too quickly after a rejection or three. Or, perhaps you’re underestimating yourself and setting your standards too low. Overcoming the impulse to carry negative feelings is difficult and may take a bit of work on your part, but once you find out where your problem began you can begin fixing it.

Setting Yourself Up for Failure

This is something that many guys do without even realizing that they do it. Have you ever seen a cute girl and couldn’t help but imagine all the ways you could screw up an introduction? Or do you go after the girls you know you can get, even though they aren’t the type you picture being in a long-term relationship with? Both of these are examples can have a huge impact on how you present yourself to women.

Ask yourself what is holding you back from snagging a girl. Are you afraid that she’s going to laugh and throw her drink in your face just for approaching her? More often than not, the scenario really isn’t realistic. Take comfort in reminding yourself that even if a girl ends up not being interested in you, she’s probably not going to humiliate you.

Concentrate on Positive Qualities

Thinking about negative traits is a surefire way to crush your confidence mojo. What better way to boost your mentality than to think about your good traits? If you’ve got a nice smile, concentrate on that and then use it to your advantage by shooting her a grin when you catch her attention. You don’t have to focus on physical features to raise your confidence, though. If you’ve got a good sense of humor or are a talented musician, just concentrate on things like that until you feel the positive vibes flowing.

Don’t Over-Do It

Yes, overconfidence can be a bad thing when you’re trying to make a first impression. You could be the most laid-back and selfless guy on the planet, but if you come on too confident during a first impression, that excess of confidence could be a little overbearing or even possessive. Yes, girls like a guy who is sure of himself and unafraid to make the first move; but too much confidence with women can seem conceited and a bit scary. When approaching a woman, just take your time and stick to whatever feels comfortable for you.