Confidence Boosters

The Truth about Confidence Boosters

Some people feel very self-confident while others are just the opposite--nothing in the world can make them feel like they are important, loved, or that they can be successful-- and these are exactly the people who can benefit from confidence boosters. The truth is: all people are just people, human beings with flaws and shortcomings just like you, but also with the ability to think positively and accomplish their goals just like you.

First of all, comparing yourself to others isn’t that worthwhile a pastime. You are a totally unique human being. There is no other person in the world entirely just like you. And then there is that big truth of human existence--bad things happen to good people or if you want to get Biblical, rain falls on the good and bad alike.

So, when it comes to self-confidence, it is not a situation where you are either born with it or not born with it. Greater and lesser self-confidence can have a big connection to how you were treated as you were growing up. If you want to generalize, people who were given positive feedback as kids, told they were loved, and that they could do anything or grow up to become anyone they wanted to be--these people are self-confident adults.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, are people who were not given positive feedback and maybe even told everything they did was wrong. Here are the people who were abused physically or mentally, who were not told they were loved, and were told not that they could accomplish any goal they set, but the opposite--that they would never grow up to be any good at all at anything. These people do not usually grow up to be self-confident adults.

Granted--things are not always at these two extremes--there are lots places of in-between. But if you fall into the category of people who are not self-confident, you can do something to change things and become more confident. No one is perfect, and many people who appear confident, in reality are not. Start practicing some confidence boosters. Begin with some positive self-talk. Tell yourself you are a good person, you are loved, you are important, you can do anything to which you set your mind.

Other confidence boosters can be to focus on the things you do well, and to pat yourself on the back when you finish a task or reach a goal. If you are constantly saying to yourself, “I can’t do that,” change it to “I CAN do that!” Learning new skills or activities are also confidence boosters. There must be something in which you have an interest. Give it a try and reward yourself at the various steps along the way.

Many people lose what self-confidence they have when they become overwhelmed with all the obstacles they see ahead. The goal is to break all big things down into pieces. The majority of things you accomplish in life are not done with big steps but with small steps. Anyone can feel overwhelmed. Even the people you see as self-confident feel overwhelmed on some days. But always knock big things down into small chunks. A runner begins by walking briskly, not by running a marathon.

Visualization techniques can be great confidence boosters too. If you have a goal in mind, visualize meeting that goal. For example, if you have an important meeting, visualize the meeting going well.  Or, if you have a job interview, visualize getting the job. The key to self-confidence is to recognize your flaws but to focus on your strengths.

Practicing confidence boosters like visualization, positive self-talk and other techniques can really help to build self-confidence. It really is all in your mind--change negative thinking to positive thinking and you will start feeling confident and successful in no time.