Coffee Stain Removal

Coffee Stain Removal – Tips to Make the Process Easier

This article gives you some useful tips on coffee stain removal. Coffee stains are some of the most adamant stains. There are many different methods to try and get them out. The mistake that most people do with coffee stains is that they tend to let it dry out. Once the coffee stain dries out, it becomes all the more difficult to clean the cloth. The best idea would be to run to the restroom and try and wipe the stain off as best as you can. Waiting for your weekly laundry hoping that the stain will go out with normal washing techniques does not help. Many times the fabric and the piece of clothing might be ruined. Therefore, it is best to make sure that the stain does not dry out.

Here is one tip for coffee stain removal given by some textile experts. Try and clean the stain as early as possible. Place the right side of the coffee stain on a piece of blotter paper. This can be a very thin towel, a soft cloth or some thick paper towels. Then the wrong side of the coffee stain is to be rubbed lightly with a soft white cloth. This should help you get the coffee stain out without harming the fabric at all.

If the stain is a lot more stubborn, you can use one of them nay stain removers available in the market today. If it is a very large stain, you will have to work very gently from the centre of the stain, going radially outwards. Most of the stain removers in the market today are efficient enough to remove the stain in one attempt. If the stain is too stubborn, attempt a second time. Once the stain has been removed, rinse the cloth in clear water and let it dry.

However, it is not always possible to run into the restroom every time some coffee is spilt. Many times coffee stains find their way on our clothes without our knowledge. Other times you might be busy and just do not have the time or patience to go into the restroom and work on removing the stain. In such cases, the stain dries. Removing an old coffee stain is slightly tricky. Here is a tip for old coffee stain removal.

This is a pretty common tip. Use around half a cup of white vinegar mixed with a cup of warm water. Mix these two and pour into a plastic spray bottle. This is your home made coffee stain removal recipe. Every time you seen an old coffee stain, spray some of the mixture on to the stain and use a white cloth to wipe the stain away. Wipe the cloth on the stain in circular motions. Wiping the coffee stain in circular motion ensures that the stain does not spread.

Another useful tip for coffee stain removal would be using detergent. The first step would be to rinse the cloth carefully from the wrong side or the back of the cloth. You should try and remove as much of the stain as possible using this method. The next step involves the detergent. Use a liquid detergent and rub the detergent into the coffee stain. Make sure you rub in circular motions starting from the outside to prevent the stain from spreading. Let the detergent stand on the stain for around five minutes.

Older coffee stains are a lot more stubborn. Rub the detergent in. Once this is done, soak the stained cloth in cold water for about half an hour. Remove the stained cloth and rinse thoroughly in cold water. Take care to rinse the stained area thoroughly. If any stains remain. It is advisable to soak the cloth in warm water for fifteen minutes after rubbing the detergent in.