Cleaning Tile Floors

3 Ways to Tackle the Task of Cleaning Tile Floors

While many find these floors easier to keep clean than carpeting, cleaning tile floors can be a chore without proper upkeep.  There is, however, more than one effective cleaning method. Here are four ways to clean those floors and keep them in tip top shape.


One common way of cleaning tile floors is by using chemicals such as those found in common cleaning products. These are effective at doing the job, but more and more people are looking for way to avoid using chemicals in their homes.

There are new products that work in similar fashion to these traditional cleaners but are manufactured using only natural ingredients. Some feel these all natural products are not as effective at cleaning tile floors as those containing chemicals. Still, for moderate cleaning, they work fine.


Steam mops clean tile floors by emitting a piping hot steam that loosens dirt while the cloth mop head wipes it away. There are many pros to cleaning tile floors in this way. First, the mop heads can be removed and thrown into the washing machine. That means you don’t have to figure out where to put the dirty mop or figure out how to clean it. Secondly, no chemicals of any type are required. The steam removes dirt and kills germs.

Some feel the downsides are that some of the steam mops are a bit bulky and if the floor is especially dirty, you’ll likely have to change the mop head at least once during the cleaning process.

Wet Mops

Traditional wet mops can be used along with chemicals, natural products or, in some cases, with nothing. If the floor is maintained very well, running a wet mop of very hot water each day will keep the floor clean.

Some people do not like having to deal with storing and cleaning the mop head. Also, you either need a large bucket or you must rinse and ring the mop in the sink, which some people – understandably - do not want to do.

Here are some other tips for keeping your tile floors clean.

Immediately Wipe Up Spills

Letting spills sit on your tile floor can make them more difficult to try and clean later. As soon as something falls or spills onto the tile floor clean it up.

Dry Mop Daily

Running a dry mop over your tile floor at least once per day will make cleaning much simpler. If you do not allow dust and small crumbs to accumulate, the floor will look cleaner and mopping will be much easier.

Use Runners

If you notice that high traffic areas of your tile floors always appear dirty, try laying runners in those areas. The runners can be vacuumed daily to avoid accumulating too much dirt and will help keep the tile floors clean.

Cleaning tile floors doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. The best advice is to perform a small amount of daily upkeep so that you’ll never have to work harder than necessary keeping the floors in the best possible condition.