Cleaning Plasma Screens

Top Tips For Cleaning Plasma Screens

Everyone is starting to switch from older model televisions to the newer high definition types but we all wonder what we should use for cleaning plasma screens. We know these newer types of screens aren’t like the older types. They are more fragile and need special care. If you attempt to clean them with glass cleaner damage can be done to the screen.

When you purchase a new high definition television, it should have instructions pertaining to cleaning plasma screens properly. If a special type of cleaner is needed, the instructions will specifically name it. A special type of cloth may even be needed to wipe the screen.

If you have not yet cleaned your plasma TV you must do it immediately. The screens are glossy and they attract finger prints. If there are any finger prints or dust on the screen, over a period of time the stain will settle in. This can make the picture seem dull and the screen can become permanently damaged. These high definition screens are too expensive to be ruined over staining. You should get used to wiping down the screen at least twice a week.

To start cleaning plasma screens you will need a soft cloth. This cloth can be made of cotton or any other soft material. But you should never use paper towels or any wood based material. They have larger fibers that can scratch the plasma screens and scratching the plasma screen over a period of time can also damage it. Some plasma screens have a protective coating to resist staining and for no reflection. If this is the case, a specialized cleaner may be called for.

When you purchase a newer high definition television it will come with a manual. The manual should explain how you should be cleaning plasma screens. Not only for all types of screens but for your particular type. It will clearly state what type of cloth and cleaner to use. There are many of these cleaners available and they all do different things. For example, if you have a screen with protective coating the cleaner you use should specify that, so that you do not have a dull lifeless plasma screen.

If the screen you are cleaning has no finger prints or stains, you can use a soft dry cotton cloth to wipe your television. But if there are a few stains then you will need to moisten the cloth. You can use a mix of mild detergent and water but only add a bit of water to moisten the cloth. Use a water sprayer to make sure that you are not saturating the cloth. Excess water can cause the dust and dirt spread all over the screen. Instead of removing it, the water, dust and dirt will make a film that is impossible to remove. When wiping the screen the main point is to remove the dust and nothing more.

Always turn the high definition television set off and wait a full fifteen minutes before trying to clean it. The heat from the screen can affect the dust. If you are using a dampened cloth, it can completely dry before the dust is removed. This means that you will merely be wiping the dust around and it will not be removed. Instead, you may end up with a screen that remains dirty and because of the heat factor, can never be cleaned properly. So it is important that the screen is completely cooled before trying to clean it.

To be completely sure while cleaning plasma screens, you can simply purchase a cleaning kit. They are available in most stores that sell high definition televisions.