Cleaning Dog Urine

Fool Proof Methods for Cleaning Dog Urine

Nothing is worse than being in a position of needing a method of cleaning dog urine but if you have a puppy or even an older dog, chances are good you face this dilemma.  Unfortunately, so many of the methods people try simply do not work.  Because dog urine is so acidic, especially in females, trying to get the stain but more importantly, the odor removed can be taxing.  The good news is that there are methods that work, some of which we have provided in this article.

Now, before we go into the fool proof methods of cleaning dog urine, it is important to know that the color of the urine could tell you whether your dog is ill or not.  Therefore, we wanted to address this issue first.  Normal dog urine is yellow to amber colored the same as human urine, being comprised of waste and protein that filters through the kidneys.  However, if you notice the color of the urine is darker and if it has an extremely strong odor, it could be an indicator that your dog is sick.  While this is commonly seen in older dogs, health could also be a problem.

Before using any of the mentioned methods for cleaning dog urine, you would need to identify the place in the home where he or she is marking territory.  While puppies will generally go anywhere, older dogs or even those that are difficult to housebreak usually find one place and use it.  Unfortunately, older stains that have gone unnoticed have set into carpet fibers, making them far more challenging to clean.  For this reason, finding the location would be extremely beneficial.

If you can detect the smell of dog urine but have a hard time finding it, you could purchase an inexpensive black light.  After turning off all the regular lights, you can go over a room with the black light and quickly see a glow.  Although moisture detectors are sometimes used, they are not nearly as effective as the black light.  One other important note is that if the stained area is massive, it is a clear indicator that your dog needs obedience training or medical treatment.  Finally, prior to using any method for cleaning dog urine, make sure you vacuum the area first so the applied treatment would work better.

One of the best ways of cleaning dog urine is organically.  If preferred, you could purchase an organic product and most work amazingly well.  However, you can also use any number of organic remedies from home.  For instance, mix one gallon of warm water with one-quarter cup of Borax, one-quarter tablespoon TSP, one-quarter cup of vinegar, one-quarter cup of vinegar, and one-quarter cup of citrus cleaner.  Before using this or any cleaning product or solution, we strongly recommend you find an inconspicuous area in a back closet to make sure the carpet is not damaged.

For this particular method of cleaning dog urine, you want to mix all the ingredients well and after checking an inconspicuous area, apply solution directly onto the areas that need to be cleaned.  Then, allow the mixture to stand for 15 minutes so it can work.  After that time, use a clean, dry cloth and working from the outside in, carefully press on the cloth so it absorbs all the moisture.  If you have a carpet shampooer, you could use it to extract the moisture as well.  Once the area has dried, you would notice no more stains and clean smelling carpets.

Another solution that works great for cleaning dog urine is to mix four tablespoons of baking soda, one-half cup of white vinegar, five drops of dishwashing detergent, and one-quarter cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide.  As above, be sure to test an area prior to cleaning the soiled carpet.  Mix all the ingredients and again, apply the liquid to the area, leaving it for a minimum of 15 minutes and longer for extra bad areas.  After sitting, use a clean, dry cloth, shampooer, or paper towels to absorb the moisture.  Remember, along with home remedies, you can find a number of excellent commercial products that work great in cleaning dog urine.