Christmas Tipping

Christmas Tipping Guide For Everyone In Your Life

There is always a tremendous amount of confusion around the holidays over Christmas tipping.  Who actually gets a tip and what is the appropriate amount?  If your tip is insulting, it can reflect in your services for the following year however, too large of a tip can also be uncomfortable.  From hairstylists to doormen to babysitters, this helpful Christmas tipping guide will ensure that your generosity will be welcome and appreciated.


Traditionally, one to two nights of pay is the perfect gift for a babysitter however, if you want to be a bit more personal, purchase a gift card to their favorite store.  This is usually easy to figure out by name brands on their clothing.  If you have someone who is an occasional babysitter, a Christmas tip is not necessary however, if you have someone who is really helping you out last minute so you can go to that holiday function that you forgot about, the tip should be reflective.  Keep in mind that they may have also canceled their plans to accommodate you.

Full-Time Nanny

Depending on your finances and the nanny's services, anywhere from one week to a full month's pay is appropriate Christmas tipping.  This can be split up between cash and a gift if you prefer but there should always be at least some cash.  A nanny often depends on this to do her own holiday shopping.  When purchasing a gift for a nanny, it needs to be something that she would not normally buy herself such as a designer handbag or a full day to the spa.

USPS Carrier

If you want to reward your postage carrier for their faithful service in all types of weather, you should know there are a few rules.  They are not allowed to accept a cash tip however, they can receive non-cash gifts up to $20.  A gift card to a coffee shop around the corner is always welcome as are delicious coffee beans or tea as well as gloves, scarves, etc.

Apartment Doormen

Christmas tipping for apartment doormen can be a little tricky.  It can really range anywhere from $10 up to $100 each.  There is no rule that says you have to tip everyone equally.  If there is one who you have the most contact with based on your personal schedule, it is completely appropriate to give them a larger tip.

Country Club Staff

Locker room personnel, golf professionals, front desk employees and your regular servers should all receive $50 but head servers or favorite bartenders can be given up to $100.  Personal gifts are seldom appropriate but cash is always welcome.

Dog Walker

This may be the most important person on your Christmas tipping list.  After all, they keep your best friend happy which in return keeps your house from getting destroyed.  Not to mention, those long cold walks in rain and snow are well worth one or even two weeks of pay.


If you typically use a cleaning service that sends a different person every time, a holiday tip is not necessary.  If you have one housekeeper week after week, generally two weeks pay is appropriate.



Here is another occupation that makes Christmas tipping a bit confusing.  If you generally have a different person to shampoo your hair, one to cut and one to color, everyone should receive a tip equal to their service.  If your hairstylist takes care of everything, they should receive a tip to reflect all of the services.

Newspaper Carrier

Generally $25 to $50 is appropriate for your newspaper carrier.  If you tip throughout the year, this can be a bit less.  If your carrier has to dodge your two dogs yet still manages to get the paper on the porch every time, the tip should reflect your appreciation.