Chlorine Uses

Some Common Chlorine Uses

There are thousands of chlorine uses that go beyond simply using it to clean your pool. 

By reading this article you are going to become more aware of some of the different uses of chlorine that you may not have even realized. You are going to find out that it is used by thousands of different people for thousands of different things and you may be shocked by what you find out.



Chlorine uses include purifying water as well as being used in disinfectants and solvents.  If you take the time to explore many of the cleaning products in your home you may notice that chlorine is a common ingredient and you did not even realize it.  At the far end of the spectrum, chlorine is also used when manufactures make bullet proof vests for law enforcement.  Many people do not realize this.

When you think of automobile manufacturers and aircrafts you probably do not think about chlorine uses that come into play in these industries. However, it does.  Chlorine is used for manufacturing seatbelts and airbags.  It is also used when the floor mats are made as well as the bumpers that you find on the outside of your car.  It is used when degreasing aircrafts as well as when the aluminum is made to create the fuselages.  I am sure that some of these chlorine uses are new to you and you are starting to think of this product in an entirely new light.

The uses of chlorine can really be seen when there is a natural disaster of any type.  You are going to find that it is used to help clean the water during disasters so that they population will be able to consume clean water.  When public water is contaminated by sewage or other devastating complications, the chlorine is used to clean the water and make it safe.  You may even notice that you can taste the chlorine in your own water from time to time.  You are not going to be harmed by the chlorine in your drinking water as it is used to kill bacteria and make it safe to drink.  However, if you are noticing the taste of chlorine on a regular basis or you are becoming sick, you are going to want to contact your local water department and discuss your concerns.

Chlorine uses even trickle down to the manufacturing of certain medications you may find yourself taking.  It even has another role in health care as it is often used by hospital personnel to help decrease bacteria and fight against the spread of infections.  It is generally used on a regular basis to disinfect machines that are used in kidney dialysis.  Work stations within hospital settings are often cleaned with chlorine as well.

While there are many different chlorine uses that make it a very important part of our everyday living, you should avoid it begin released in its pure form within your home.  There are several different ways that you can do this.  First of all, if you are going to be using chlorine in your pool, you are going to want to pour it directly into the pool.  You should also avoid mixing pool chemicals together because it can be harmful to your health if they are inhaled into your lungs.  You should also avoid mixing home cleaning products together as well for the same reason.

The article has not covered all of the chlorine uses known to man but it may have given you something to think about.  If this topic interests you, you can spend some time reading up on the other chlorine uses that currently exist.  Keep in mind that there are new inventions everyday and the uses of chlorine will probably continue to grow.