Cheating Girlfriends

How To Recognize Cheating Girlfriends

Some guys have the ability to detect cheating girlfriends as easily as they hear a football game playing on the big screen at a local bar that is a mile away.  Could be genetics, could be intuition or it could be that they have just dealt with enough untrustworthy females to know the signs to look for.  If your friends tell you that your girlfriend is cheating on you, don't get mad at them, chances are good that they are probably right.

Cheating has plagued relationships since the beginning of time and it is sure to continue on well past your existence so the best thing that you can do is learn how to read your girlfriend's actions.  Now, this does not mean to analyze her every move or constantly accuse her or you are sure to end up all alone.  No one wants to date anyone that suspicious.

Trust Your Gut

Most men that have dealt with cheating girlfriends will tell you to trust your gut.  Chances are, if you listen to that inner voice that's talking to you from very beginning, you will save yourself a lot of heartache.  Intuition is a powerful tool that you may not even realize that you have, but you do!  Even if you have no other visible evidence of cheating, your gut has a way of being quite accurate.

If you are like most people, you have been raised to think logically.  Intuition overrules this so start listening to it and looking at your relationship with your eyes wide open.  Speaking of eyes, do you know that your pupils dilate when you really like someone or are excited?  Keep that in mind next time you look into your girlfriend's eyes.

Appearance Change

One of the first signs of cheating girlfriends is a drastic change of appearance.  Many guys will tell you when a female with long hair cuts her hair short, watch out!  There is likely something behind this.  Has your girlfriend started working out more or wearing nicer clothes even when she's just running to the store?  Do you notice that she now makes a point to wear makeup or make sure that her hair is done when she leaves the house.  There is a reason for a sudden obsession with appearance.  She may tell you that she is going to the store, traffic was bad, there was an accident and the lines at the checkout were ridiculous but there is a good chance that she made every green light, breezed through the express lane, spent five minutes shopping and the other hour with him.

Physical Contact Decreases

Cheating girlfriends will lose interest in being close to their boyfriends.  If she doesn't want to have sex with you, this should be an obvious sign that she is cheating unless she has some health issue that you should know about.  Chances are, if she is cheating, she is probably avoiding kissing you, holding your hand or pulling away if you even try to get close.  She may have excuses such as a headache, sweaty from working out, in a hurry and needs to leave, etc.  There is always something pulling her away like a gravitational force.

Stop The Details

If your girlfriend all of a sudden starts giving you a play by play of where she was, who she was with and what she did, wore, ate, drank, etc., she is cheating.  Most females will begin to overcompensate for where they were in hopes that they will answer every question that you could possibly have upfront.  Some cheating girlfriends pretty much give themselves away because they feel so guilty that they talk and talk, trying to convince their boyfriends that they are not cheating when the thought had never crossed their minds.



While all guys love an unexpected present or favor from time to time, if your girlfriend all of a sudden starts showering you with gifts, she feels guilty.  Guilt is just another reason for a female to shop and of course they are going to shop for you because it makes them feel less guilty and throws you off their track.  Of course, this isn't going to work now is it?  Since you know the signs of cheating girlfriends, her meaningless gifts are worthless.  Of course, you can still keep the gifts, you deserve them!