Causes Of Land Pollution

Most people realize that the biggest causes of land pollution are human activities. These activities have caused the pollution of land, air and water and are currently destroying the earth on which we live. There are many different causes of land pollution, many which can be traced back to practices we have eliminated, while other activities which continue to cause land pollution are still ongoing.



The increasing human population and the urbanization of that population are one of the main causes of land pollution. When humans develop land on which to build homes and businesses, it uses up our forests and natural resources. This takes away the habitat for countless types of animals and birds and causes the kinds of extinction we are now seeing in the natural world.

We build cities and then we build reservoirs to supply these cities with water. This human development takes away land in every part of the world and causes pollution not only of land but of water and air as well. As humans, we make non-biodegradable wastes, such as plastic bottles and cans and have no place to dispose of them. The same situation applies to electronics and automobiles. Our need for possessions which cannot disintegrate into the ground is another of the biggest causes of land pollution.

Many of the pesticides and fertilizers used in farming pollute the land and streams. Even animal feces that cover the ground and are washed underground and into streams are causes of land pollution. Not to mention all of the industrial wastes that are produced every day by just about every country in the world. All types of toxic chemicals are spread and even dumped into the ground and water.

Mining leaves coal and slag in immense piles with nowhere to go. Many places in the world either have no way to handle sewage at all or it is handled improperly and allowed to drain into ground and water supplies. The burning of wood leave ashes which have to be distributed somewhere, usually onto the ground. Industrial wastes are dumped into the ground and water in many countries around the world.

The causes of land pollution also include the garbage that is dumped every day, either into the streets, or into ground. Most of the materials like food leftovers, glass, plastic and all kinds of paper are not used up or recycled. Many times appliances, such as washers and dryers, refrigerators and stoves simply end up at dumping spots and are not able to be reused in any way.

Drive through any industrialized city and you will see factories still spewing pollution into the air and onto the land. Factories that produce products made of metal, those making plastics, big animal farms, and even nuclear waste disposal activities are causes of land pollution.

Every human being on the earth can do something to stop land pollution and its effects. From organic gardening to recycling to reducing the waste produced by factories, there are steps that can be taken to help us do better at reducing the causes of land pollution. Every little step can make a big difference.