Cat Hair Removal

Effective Cat Hair Removal

Cat hair removal may be at the top of your list if you own a cat.  You may notice that they shed just like a dog and the hair that they leave behind can be a real pain.  If you have ever tried to remove it from your furniture or your clothing you may notice that this can be time consuming and when you are finished you feel like you did not accomplish very much.  I will give you a few tips and ideas that may help make this task a little easier and more effective.

The first step towards effective cat hair removal will involve taking a brush to your cat.  If you take the time to brush your cat a few times a week you will be removing any hair that is ready to fall off.  This means that there is less hair to fall on your furniture and on your clothing.  This will not eliminate the problem entirely but it will make a small impact that you will notice immediately.  You will find that there is less hair lying around that you need to take care of later.  You can find a brush for your cat at any pet store so I would advise getting one.

The second tip for cat hair removal from your furniture requires that you get a damp cloth.  If you have ever tried to remove the hair with a vacuum you may notice that it does not come off very well.  Therefore, if you take a damp cloth and run it across your furniture in small, short strokes you will lift the hair right off of the furniture.  This technique can also be used to help keep the hair off of the floor near base boards where you are unable to get the vacuum.  If you are concerned that the damp cloth may ruin your furniture I would recommend that you select a test location.  This will help you determine if you can carry out this tip without damaging your belongings.

If you are interested in finding a tool that will help with cat hair removal from the floor you can purchase what is called a rubber broom.  You will run this broom across the carpet and the brushes that are on the broom will create static electricity.  This causes the cat hair to practically jump up into the broom.  This can be very effective for getting the hair off of the floor that your vacuum left behind.  The less hair you have on the floor the less hair you will get on your pants.  This can be a win win situation for you.

If you come across a rubber glove with raised bumps on it you may want to pick one up.  This is another tool that can be used to help with cat hair removal.  You can place this glove on your hand and run it under water.  You will then run this across your furniture just like you could do with the damp cloth.  This helps remove the cat hair without a lot of hard work.

It is easy to see that there are a lot of cat hair removal tips that can be utilized other than simply running the sweeper.  Many of these techniques involve using products that you already have in your home.  If you take the time to try some of these things you may find that these tips work really well.  They do not take a lot of time and they are often more effective than simply running the sweeper.  Take the time to try some of these and find out which ones work the best for you.