Caretaker Careers

Top Six Caretaker Careers

Caretaker careers can be some of the most spiritually rewarding and secure career choices around.  There have always been opportunities for those who are willing to devote their lives to helping others.  At this particular moment in history however, with Baby Boomers on the verge of retirement and the next generation just reaching their childbearing years, there are particular opportunities for those interested in caretaker careers.

Nursing Home Operators

One of the caretaker careers that is sure to undergo a major expansion in the next few years is the nursing home industry.  Although Baby Boomers are sure to delay retirement and try to stay independent as long as possible, Father Time can only be put off for so long.  For those who build and run nursing homes, the boom market is just beginning and now is the perfect time to get into this business.


Another caretaker career that is in high demand is teachers.  Demographics on both the teacher and student side of the equation are also making this a perfect time for those who would like to educate the next generation.  With more than half of all teachers due to retire within the next decade and the largest generation since the post war period about to glut the schools, anyone willing to stand in front of chalkboard and help mould the youth of America will be sure to have their pick of schools.


Another caretaker career that has long been on the rise is in nursing.  Long hours and stressful working conditions keep many from this profession, while others prefer to try for the higher prestige of medical schools.  If you are able to work long hours, keep your cool under pressure situations and take on the responsibilities involved, this is another growth profession that will offer secure job opportunities and solid pay for years to come.

Veterinary Medicine

Caretakers aren’t only limited to human beings.  With many delaying childrearing until later years, the pet trade has becoming an increasingly important field.  Many people consider their cats or dogs as a part of the family and are willing to spend their money accordingly.  This has created many new opportunities for those involved in the Veterinary medicine field.  In addition, the rise of the exotic pet trade has expanded the usual range of animal welfare from felines and canines to birds, reptiles and even animals that were once only seen on National Geographic programs.

Daycare Operator and other Parental Surrogates

The harsh economic times have also increased the demand of dual income households, creating greater opportunities for those in the childcare industry.  After a period of downward trending for daycares and childcare agencies (businesses specializing in matching parents with nannies and babysitters) the economic crisis has forced many families to return to dual family income in order to meet increasing demands.  If you have the patience and inclination to care for young children this can be a rewarding way of becoming self-employed.

Grounds Keeper and Janitors

Finally, for those that would like to have their mornings free and to have jobs that they don’t have to take home with them, being a janitor or a groundskeeper can be the perfect caretaking job.  The job doesn’t involve a lot stress or responsibility, and it gives shyer individuals the kind of alone time that can be really rewarding.  In most cases, the jobs simply involve cleaning offices or classrooms at the end of the day.  The pay is rarely great, though there are more opportunities in the management of janitorial staff.  If you have been looking for the perfect job to hold down while writing the great American novel, you may have found it.

The key to career paths, of course, is matching your personality and needs with those of your chosen career.