Careers Working With Children

Rewarding Careers Working With Children

Careers working with children require you to be warm, compassionate, fun-spirited, patient and a good sense of humor can go a long way.  There are many career paths to choose from that can be both exciting and deeply rewarding.

While some careers working with children will allow you to associate with a diverse population, others will concentrate on a specific group.  Almost all career paths in this sector will require a higher education and a background check to ensure the safety of the children.


One of the most popular careers working with children is becoming a teacher.  This career will usually focus on a specific age range from kindergarten all the way up to high school.  However, depending on the size of the high school, most teachers at that level are further categorized down into one or two areas of interest such as math, English, science or history.

To become a teacher, a bachelor's level degree in education is typically required.  At the high school level, depending on the subject that the individual is teaching, an additional degree may be needed as well.  Salaries vary greatly for teachers depending on location, grade level and experience.

Social Worker

These are extremely important careers working with children.  Although this field is a broad range, the most common career choices are counselors for children and child protection workers.  These types of professionals concern themselves with the child's health, welfare and any emotional issues.

Social workers often have very difficult decisions to make and are put in challenging situations that require them to recommend correctional facilities or hospitals and they may even have to remove a child from their own home and away from their family for their safety.  Individuals in these positions must be emotionally strong.  The can work either privately or for the government and typically required to have a master's degree in either psychology or social work.


Careers working with children also include pediatricians.  Although this is quite a rewarding career, it can also be very demanding.  These types of doctors perform routine physicals as well as diagnose and treat illness and injuries until the point of adolescence.  A bachelor's degree is required in addition to a medical degree and a completed pediatric residency program for approximately three years.

Early Childhood Education

These careers working with children are fairly similar to teachers except that they are working only with children under five years old.  These professionals design curriculum, evaluate students, report to specific areas of the government and work with parents directly.

Early childhood providers are required to handle many additional tasks as well, including hiring and training new employees, purchasing equipment and supplies and creating schedules.  First aid certification is required as well as a bachelor's degree in either childhood development or childhood education.


Juvenile Probation Officer

Inevitably, some children are going to find themselves in trouble on some level with the law who will be required to undergo some type of rehabilitation.  Juvenile probation officers supervise these children to ensure that they fill their court appointed requirements.

It is the goal of these professionals to help these juveniles understand their actions and change them.  They are there to help the child get on the right path.  A juvenile probation officer is required to have a bachelor's degree in social work, psychology or criminal justice.

Nurse Practitioner

With the rising medical costs, nurse practitioners are quickly replacing pediatricians by performing the same duties for a lot less money.  Nurse practitioners typically have a Master of Science in Nursing degree and many years of nursing experience before they are able to practice on their own.  These professionals are qualified to perform the same responsibilities as a medical doctor but cost substantially less for parents and insurance companies.  Nurse practitioners can be found in every sector of the medical field.