Car Accident Compensation

What you May Not Know about Car Accident Compensation

Since its inception, the automobile has been honed to provide better performance and offer better protection, but yet often the inevitable occurs; the car accident.  Compensation rights for those who were not at fault in the accident has become a hotly debated topic among the legal sector, actually providing many lawyers with a full time job.

When a car accident occurs, someone is at fault; leaving that individual liable for damages.  Generally, when significant property damage or physical injury is the result of that accident, many people choose to consult an attorney.  Repairs to return the vehicle back to its original condition are often expensive ventures, and if hospitalization or long term medical care is necessary due to injuries sustained from the accident, hefty bills will pile up quickly.  The objective for seeking compensation is typically to cover these unexpected expenditures. 

Compensation for minor accidents

Most accidents are simple in nature, although they can still cause substantial damage.  Even in fender benders, whiplash has been known to affect the driver.  Cuts or bruises may have also been inflicted from the collision.  It is necessary to seek medical attention immediately to ensure that no serious injury has incurred.  Keep a diary of the appointments, and retain all receipts for co-pays, office visits, procedures and medications.  For the vehicle, sometimes the insurance agent will authorize the individual to take the vehicle to their auto body shop of choice for an estimate and to have the repair work performed; other agents will require that the vehicle be taken to a body shop of their choosing.  While the vehicle is out of commission being repaired, you may need to rent a vehicle to transport you back and forth to accomplish your normal daily activities; be sure to keep receipts for these and any other transportation costs.  Submitting all of this documentation to your insurance agent will grant you, in most cases, full reimbursement of these costs.

Compensation for major accidents

When a serious accident occurs, the process becomes more complicated.  Car accident compensation for an incident that results in more extensive injuries as well as loss of personal property often is determined by the complexity of the case.  Because injuries of a more serious nature can also mean loss of work and wages or the inability to care for your family, pain and suffering are often figured into the compensation.  These types of considerations are best addressed by someone who is knowledgeable in tort laws; specifically, a personal injury attorney.  These specialists know how to determine base compensation deserved as well as how to negotiate for amounts to cover pain and suffering. 

Lawyers will first attempt to work with the insurance company that insures the other party involved in the accident in order to bring resolution to the compensation request.  In many cases, a satisfactory settlement is reached through this method, or by going one step further in mediation or arbitration.  When all of these attempts fail, the case may go to court where both sides can argue their case in front of a judge and, in some cases, a jury as well. 

Compensation amounts

Because of widely varying circumstances, there are no set amounts for car accident compensation.  In each case, the extent of the damage and injuries sustained will dictate the base amount requested as fair compensation to the injured party. 

Accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere.  When they happen to you, it is important to know that fair compensation is available; providing an equitable financial settlement designed to return you to a comparable situation as before the accident occurred.