Burning Sage

Interesting Information on Burning Sage

Burning sage may be a custom in some cultures.  There are numerous reasons why people choose to burn sage.  However, if this is not something you have done in the past, you may want to know a few things before you begin.  There are a few important tips that you should keep in mind.  This article is going to briefly explain some of the reasons that people will burn sage as well as point out a few reminders that will help you along way.



Start by lighting the sage and letting it burn for just a few seconds.  Then you will blow it out.  The sage is going to smolder and make smoke.  This is what you actually want, the smoke, not the flames.  Some very important things to keep in mind in the beginning is that sage is going to burn very hot.  The ashes are also going to remain hot for a very long time after the sage has finished burning.  You are going to want to practice burning sage in a metal container and line it with sand first.  You will not want to use glass for this custom.  When you are finished burning sage you will cover it with sand as well.  Once you are ready to use the sage again you will remove the sand.

Burning sage has medicinal purposes like helping with migraine headaches.  Because of this, some people will take a single sage leaf and light it.  They will then inhale the smoke.  While this may work for some, it may not work for you.  Therefore, try it once.  If it helps, you can do it again.  If it does not help, or it makes you feel worse, you may not want to do it again.  You be the judge of that.

Some people will practice burning sage as a way to go through a personal cleansing.  He or she may have experienced a lot of stress that day and they simply want to cleanse themselves of the bad experiences that they had.  If you would like to use sage for this purpose, you are going to want to burn some of the sage in a fan and then have someone move the smoke over your body and around you.  This is going to give you a calm feeling and help relax you.  You can even use an entire bundle of sage in order to cleanse a group of people.

Burning sage is also done in order to cleanse a house or bless it.  You will want to get an entire bundle of sage in order to complete this task.  You will burn the entire bundle for a brief moment, blow it out and then take it around your home.  Be sure to go into every room and every corner in order to get a full blessing. You may even want to consider asking bad things to leave your home or telling them they are not welcomed while you are doing this.

Burning sage can be a peaceful experience for anyone who chooses to use it.  This article shows that it is relatively easy to use and it does have a lot of different uses.  If you are interested in starting this ritual, or using it for peace and comfort, you may want to invest in a tray for the sage and begin getting ready.  Take time to find out where you can buy your sage and how long it will last.  Knowing these things can help you be prepared for burning sage and it can help you determine when, how and why you want to use it.  You may even find out that you enjoy the calming effects of burning sage.