Bridal Shower Etiquette

Guidelines on Bridal Shower Etiquette

The following article is a list of simple bridal shower etiquette that should be followed when you are planning to have a shower or throw a shower.  This can be an excited and busy time in a bride’s life.  However, there are certain rules that should be followed to help you get through and to make it enjoyable for everyone involved.  Keep these simple tips in mind when you begin to plan a bridal shower.

Many brides are thrown a bridal shower by close family members.  However, bridal shower etiquette states that the shower should not be thrown by close family members.  Because there is usually no one else to throw the shower, anyone can have this wonderful event for the bride to be.  Keep in mind that if several people want this honor then close family members should step aside and let others do it.  Proper bridal shower etiquette also states that you should make sure you purchase a gift for the bride if you are throwing the shower for her.  The shower itself does not qualify as a gift and something should be purchased for the bride to be.  You can go together with other co-hosts of the party but you should present the gift at the gift opening ceremony.  The same thing applies for the bride to be to her bridesmaids as well.  The bride should purchase a gift for each of the girls along with a thank you note that is personalized for each girl.

Often games are played at a bridal shower.  Understand that there is no bridal shower etiquette that states games must be played.  However, they do have many benefits.  They tend to help people get to know each other.  Therefore, if you do not have games on the agenda for the party, at least make sure that the party begins with proper introductions of all the guests so that people can begin to get to know each other.  This may an additional cost for the host as prizes are often given out to the winners of the games that are played.

There are a few simple rules to remember as far as invitations go as well.  Bridal shower etiquette states that each guest should get their own invitation.  This includes people who live in the same home (unless they are younger than 16).  Addresses should always be hand written and formal names of all guests should be used.  Make sure that when the invitations are created that there is also contact information so that guests can call to RSVP or ask for directions.

In today’s society everyone seems to register for their wedding and any showers or parties that are given.  Many people will even put where the bride and groom are registered on the invitations.  While this happens all the time, it is not really proper bridal shower etiquette.  Rather than putting the information on the invitation you can simply tell people who ask when they call to RSVP for the party.  You should not ask party quests to give a gift of money either.  Keep in mind that if you are having the party at a restaurant, it is totally inappropriate to ask the guests to pay for their own meal.  You should remember this so that you select a place that you can afford because you will be expected to pay for the meal, decorations, and all favors.

Next, it is very important to make sure that thank you notes are purchased for after the bridal shower.  Proper bridal shower etiquette states that thank you notes should be sent out to all guests who gave a gift at the shower.  You must also ensure that each person gets their own thank you note, even if they went together with other guests to purchase the gift.  These personal notes should be sent out to all guests within a few weeks after the shower.  Be sure to include a special thank you for the host(s) of the party.