Brazilian Straightening

Brazilian Straightening:  Level Headed Hair Talk

Like most cultures, ours is one fixated on money, brains, and beauty.  Beauty magazines are amongst top sellers on news stands around the world while both prime time television and big box office hits reflect the desires of the people.  Aesthetics is a big deal these days so it’s no wonder millions are looking to salons to change the way they look.  If we aren’t happy with something about our bodies, there is always some way to alter it.  For women, hair care is an essential for looking and feeling good and many are dying to turn their curly locks into a sleeker, straighter, more glamorous do.


With thousands of hair straightening treatments available, a lot of women and some men can become quite perplexed when sifting through their options.   To make it easier, we will look into one of today’s most popular methods of mane taming, Brazilian straightening.  We will look at how it’s done, what it costs, and what problems can occur from receiving the treatment.

What makes Brazilian hair straightening special?

Unlike a lot of other straightening procedures, the Brazilian’s main ingredient is a substance already found in the body.  Keratin, which helps produce healthy skin, hair, and nails, is a natural protein that protects hair shafts from being easily broken, frayed, or tangled.  Due to the Brazilian’s utilization of added keratin, hair is left smoother, softer, and straighter than with other treatment methods.

Are there any chemicals used in the process?

While Brazilian straightening is highly popular because it produces exceptional results, many people are questioning the safety of other chemicals involved.  As a modified form of formaldehyde is also necessary to achieve extremely straight hair, speculation as to whether or not the Brazilian could be deadly has risen up in main stream media and salons around the world.

How long will hair stay straight after treatment?

There are many factors that can affect just how long hair will remain straight after being processed in Brazilian fashion.  Most properly applied treatments give clients up to 5 months of full bodied, straight hair.  However, if a hair dresser is not aptly skilled or does not apply the right measure of flat ironing, hair straightening results are likely to dissipate much quicker.

How much does this kind of treatment cost?

Pricing for a Brazilian process varies according to salon, but most start around $150.00 and can exceed over $600.00.  Some state the price is minimal when compared to regular treatments as it lasts longer and requires less maintenance.

How to care for straightened hair

Most beauticians recommend that once hair is treated it should remain unwashed for at least 4 days.  After that period of time, only approved hair care products should be used for cleansing and conditioning.  Once this initial period is over, hair may be styled as desired.  It is recommended that a round brush be used daily to smooth and style.  With Brazilian treated hair, added shine sprays and smoothing balms are unnecessary as the keratin from treatment remains in the hair until it has been completely washed out.

Final Thought

Brazilian hair treatments are a great way for people of all races and all hair types to achieve the sleek look they are looking for.  However, it is important to talk with your beautician about any adverse side effects or problems that may occur due to the process.  As there has been at least one noted case of death resulting from Brazilian treatments, taking time to understand exactly what is being done to your hair could be critical.