Braising Meat

Braising Meat:  Making a Meal without Breaking a Sweat

Whether you are a busy parent or an on-the-go individual, braising meat is the ultimate in creating hearty, tasty dinners.   As very few people would argue there is nothing better than coming home to the delicious aroma of a freshly prepared meal, who wouldn’t want a dinner that basically cooks itself? 


What is braising meat?

In simple terms, braising is a technique used by cooks the world over since the origins of man and fire.  Essentially a form of boiling, braising meats works as added moisture slowly separates collagen, or fibrous proteins found within most cuts of meat.  Over a period of time, even the toughest meats can become tender and juicy through the braising process.

How to Braise Meat

While there are varied ways in which to braise, most people refer to the term slow cooking or pot roasting in reference to the process.  For many, braising is an easy way to cook as there is typically little prep work and the dish cooks over a period of time with virtually no maintenance.  Braising can be done over a campfire, in an oven, or in a specially designed slow cooker using a wide variety of different meats.