Braids For Men

Braids For Men - Good, Bad, Or Indifferent?

Braids for men are nothing new, having been hairstyle options on and off for centuries. In many instances braids were somewhat of a necessity when most men work their hair long, as there were certain situations where braids were a practical means of keeping the hair in place and out of things it shouldn't be in. British sailors, "tars", wore short pigtail braids as a matter of course, and in past centuries, many if not most Chinese men have at times worn braids, often the single pigtail.

Today, some men sport a single braid in back. Though pigtails don't always look best on a man, they seem to fit Willie Nelson perfectly. This is where the art form and self expression features of braids for men come into play. What is there about Willie Nelson that makes a certain style of braids quite acceptable looking, where the same style would look terrible on many other, and perhaps most, men?

The Cornrow - Take the cornrow style as an example. That particular style looks better on some men than on others. Some look sharp, others look ugly, for lack of a better term. Pictures of celebrities wearing a cornrow style often feature NBA star Allan Iverson. Allen Iverson's hairdos may at first glance border on the bizarre, but on closer inspection, look very good on him, and seem to fit his features perfectly. It can be difficult to explain just why this is so, it just is. The cornrow style isn't in that category of braids for men that one could do by oneself. Doing it well would be beyond the reach of most people, and perhaps even beyond the reach of many hairdressers.

Dreadlocks - Then there are dreadlocks. If nothing else, dreadlocks sets one apart. Again, some men look great sporting dreadlocks while others look, well, dreadful. Dreadlocks can not only look neat and clean, but also give the impression that someone put plenty of labor and love into creating them. On other people though they give the appearance of a lack of self discipline. There isn't likely a connection between the hairstyle and one's self discipline. It's just the nature of the hairstyle.

The cornrow and dreadlocks hairstyles are worn primarily by blacks, especially the cornrow. Aside from the fact that the styles are of African origin, they have little to do with race. Black people's hair texture does lend it self better to these two styles than is the case with white people, but that's not a reason that white people can't use these styles as well, and many whites have taken to the dreadlocks style. The cornrow style does not seem particularly attractive on a white person, and while it is strictly a matter of opinion, black people seem to look far more attractive in both the cornrow style and dreadlocks than do whites. What one sees more and more of these days, is the single braid worn at the back of the head where a pony tail might otherwise be. This style seems to work well for both blacks and whites.

The Seniors - One category of men you won't normally see wearing braids are senior citizens. There are several reasons for this of course, with one being that lots of senior men who might like braiding their hair don't have all that much hair to work with. Others, perhaps most, look at braids for men as a generational thing, some approving of the practice, others disapproving. Most seem to realize though that braids are really a younger man's business, and that the older one gets, the less attractive braids begin to look. If braids are worn to make a statement, it's usually younger men who will wear them for that purpose.