Braid Styles

Top 12 Most Popular Braid Styles

Some braid styles have remained popular throughout history while others come and go with the changing trends.  These are quick and easy hairstyles that can be elegant enough for a wedding, casual enough for the beach and practical enough for a busy mom juggling three kids and a full time job.  Braids are ideal for any length of hair, providing it is actually long enough to weave and the best thing about them is that when you take them out, you are left with a full, wavy hairdo.  Below are the top 12 braids styles that can add some variety to your daily look.


  1. French Braid – This is a classic look worn by females of all ages.  It begins at your hairline near your forehead and the hair is weaved from either side, adding in new strands all the way down the head.  The French braid can be worn day or night, tight or loose.
  1. English Braid – Of all of the braid styles, this is the most basic and easiest to do.  Simply begin at the nape of your neck, separate your hair into three sections and weave each piece from the outside over the middle piece on the inside.  Secure at the bottom with a ponytail holder.
  1. Heidi Braid – Also referred to as Swiss braids, the Heidi braid has seen a lot of popularity lately, worn by famous models on the catwalk.  Two braids are created and then crossed at the nape of the neck.  The braids are brought up, around the sides of your head, over your crown and pinned.
  1. Dutch Braid – This is the same concept as the French braid only it is inverted.  You still use the same technique of starting at your hairline and adding additional hair as you travel down your head only instead of weaving the outside piece of hair over the middle piece, you weave it under.
  1. Square Four-Strand Braid – Looking the same on all sides, yet this braid does not have a front or back.  It creates a rope-like appearance by using four strands that weaves under two strands, over one from the left and then the right.

  1. Lace Braid – Of all of the braid styles, this one may be the most romantic.  It is similar to the French braid only it travels down one side of your head and only pulls hair from the opposite side.
  1. Cascade Braid – This is a very feminine look.  All of your hair is worn loose pass your neck and then it is simply brought together by a braid at the bottom.
  1. Crown Braid – These are similar to Heidi braids only instead of using two braids to wrap around your head and pin, you only use one.  This is not an easy braid to achieve and requires quite long hair.  It is more of a royal look and Princess Leia wore one of these crown braid styles in the movie “The Empire Strikes Back.”
  1. Multi-Strand Braid – There is a no maximum number of strands that you can use to create a braid.  In fact, five, seven and nine are common and considered quite a triumphant display when worn by Renaissance Fair professionals, who seem to be the only people who can get these braids actually perfect.  The more strands that a braid has, the shorter and wider the braid will end up being.
  1. Biker's Braid – This hairdo received its name for the tidy appearance it portrays however, it really is not an actual braid at all.  This is created by simply putting pony tail holders down the length of the hair to keep it from flying around in the wind.  From first glance it looks like a braid but it is really just an over-accessorized ponytail that serves a very good purpose.
  1. Combination Braid – Two identical braids are worn on each side that can be left to hang down and create a schoolgirl look or they can be coiled up into two neat buns, which displays a more sophisticated look.
  1. Accent Braid – These are any types of small braids that are placed anywhere on your head that accent the rest of the hairstyle.  These can be worn with your hair down or up and there is no rule or perfect place to put them.