Bowling Terminology

Bowling Terminology You May Want to Understand

Bowling terminology may not be something that you are interested in unless you are considering becoming a bowler on a more regular basis.  There are a few things that you are going to need to understand and remember if you are going to take up this past time on a more regular basis.  Take a few moments to read this article so that you will have a better understanding of what to expect as you begin bowling on a more regular basis.

The first word in bowling terminology that you are going to want to know and remember is what a frame is.   There are ten frames in the game and you are going to get to roll the ball twice each frame.  You simply need to remember that each frame is one tenth of the game.  If you have ever been bowling before then you have probably had your share of gutter balls that did not contribute anything to your score. When using bowling terminology you should know that these are called dead balls.  So, if you ever hear that term being used, now you know what it means.

A strike in bowling terminology means that you knocked over all ten pins the first time you rolled the ball down the lane.  This is what you want to accomplish each time that you roll the ball.  The longer you play, the better you get at this.  If you are really good at bowling you may have had a double while you were playing the game.  This means that you got two strikes back to back.  However, if you are relatively new to the game, you may be getting a lot of spares. This means that you needed both of your rolls in the frame in order to knock down all ten balls.  This is ok as well.

Hopefully, you are going to get really good at bowling.  If you do, you are going to want to know the bowling terminology word called a string.  This is when you are going to be getting several strikes in a row.  If you have three in a row you can call this a turkey.  If you are in a bowling alley that has computers, you may notice that when you get your third strike in a row, a turkey will flash on the screen.  Now you know why.  Doesn’t it pay to understand bowling terminology?

When you are new to bowling you are going to go mainly with the point and shoot way of playing.  This means that you are going to simply roll the ball straight and let it make its way to the pins.  However, the better you become you may want to start using the hook balls.  This means that the ball will go straight until it is near the end of the lane, where the pins are.  At this point, the ball will curve and appear to make a hooking motion.

Bowling terminology is not that difficult to understand. It is going to be even easier to understand if you play on a regular basis or you are playing with others that have played for a long time.  Many times, you are going to pick up on this terminology the first few times you play.  The terminology is not nearly as important as your form and your ability to get strikes each time that you roll the ball.  This helps your score and helps you become a better player.  I have said it over and over again, practice makes perfect.  Take the time to improve your game.  You will be glad you did.