Bowling Technique

Tips on Improving Your Bowling Technique

            Many people who bowl are continually working on their form and improving their bowling technique.  Personal satisfaction as well as prizes can be realized for those who polish their skills for a higher score.

            Bowling is considered by some people to be a passive sport that is indulged in just for fun.  Others see it for what it truly is, however; a sport where the player can constantly work to achieve their personal bests as well as compete against other top players.  As with any sport, it takes practice and technique to become great at the game.  Professional bowlers participating in ten pin bowling events sponsored by the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) are proof that practice, practice and more practice pays off in big prizes and notoriety.  Who better, then, to offer advice on bowling technique than the professionals of the sport?

            Improving one’s technique first involves having the right equipment.  While bowling alleys supply all of the equipment needed for weekend bowlers, serious players know that consistency is key to better one’s game.  The only way to achieve consistency is to have your own equipment that you can use solely when playing.  The equipment needed is very simple:  at least two specially drilled bowling balls and at least two pairs of bowling shoes.

            Multiple bowling balls that have been specifically drilled to fit the hand of the bowler are essential pieces of equipment for the dedicated player.  Why more than one ball?  Bowling matches, when they reach the competitive level, are played at various different bowling alleys which all have their own particularities in lane surfaces and conditions.  These unique differences affect the way a ball is thrown and travels down the lane.  For this reason, multiple bowling balls are necessary.

            There is no doubt that the proper equipment is a must to play one’s best game.  Even more important, however, is the player himself.  The best equipment available and the best alleys built cannot make a poor player into a star player.  Focus and concentration are required on the part of the bowler to improve bowling technique.  While every player dreams of throwing strike after strike, no bowlers achieve the perfect game on a constant basis.  Various pin positions will inevitably present themselves to the bowler from the end of the alley, and the knowledge of how to approach those positions is gained through focus and concentration during practice.

            Technique also involves physical training.  The manner in which the ball is grasped; the arm swing; the steps taken in the approach and finally the release and follow through are all physical means to completing the shot.  Balance is a key component throughout the process, and must be practiced until perfected.

            One method for amateur bowlers to learn and improve their techniques is to watch and videotape professional bowlers.  These are men and women who have spent a great deal of time perfecting their moves and a lot of information can be gleaned from them to use in your own game.  Everyone’s technique will be slightly different, but watching the pros can give clues as to what may work in your technique.

            Consistency is an important aspect in bowling.  Once you have found the stance, speed and approach that works best for you, do it over and over again to solidify the move.  Do not attempt to rush the move or alter it in any way.  Consistent moves, along with focus and concentration on your mark, will help to achieve your best game.

            If bowling is more than a weekend game to you, working on bowling technique can help you to move from the ranks of amateur into the world of competitive play.  More importantly, it will help you to realize your personal best.