Boar Hunting

A Beginner’s Guide to Boar Hunting

Are you interested in boar hunting? Boar hunting is in no way a “new” sport. In fact, the ancient Greeks used to hunt wild boar and even wrote about it in their literature. The first recorded hunt was mentioned in 700 B.C. in a book written by Homer. This was also a practice that was very popular with Europeans, particularly during medieval times. Noblemen considered it to be a great way to hone their riding and dagger skills. Today’s modern hunter typically hunts for fun or food, but we also have a great deal of equipment and weapons to choose from as well as a better understanding of this animal.

Wild Boar

A boar is basically a wild pig. Okay, technically it is the “original” pig, as the domesticated pigs we see on farms today are actually a watered down descendant of the boar. They are covered in a mixture of stiff bristles and fine hair which will become very thick during the winter season. Wild boar can weigh anywhere from 120 to 200 pounds and can grow as large as nearly six feet in length. A shoulder height of nearly three feet and the addition of seven inch long tusks make for a pretty intimidating beast! The tusks are used largely for digging and fighting, and they sharpen them regularly, so beware!

Where to Hunt

Boar can be a real problem for farmers because these animals can be extremely destructive to crops, so sometimes they will be hunted by farmers wishing to protect their livelihood. Wild boar originally hail from Europe, Asia, and parts of North Africa, but were introduced to North America and Australia for hunting purposes. Boar like to hang out in forestry where there is plenty of shelter and protection from the elements and predators. In America, the best boar hunting is usually found in the southern and southeastern regions of the country. The population is growing slowly in Britain after being completely extinct within the country up until around the 1990’s. Germany has reported a drastic increase in their boar population, but they can also be found around Tuscany, Italy, in Spain and France, as well as areas all over Asia. Wherever you decide to hunt, be prepared to trek out into wooded areas, because that is where the boar can be found!


What Equipment to Use

Boar can be hunted using a variety of weapons, but whatever you do decide to use should be able to land a killing blow in the first shot. It is very important that you shoot to kill the first time because boars are notorious for charging with lethal force. A graze or a wounding shot could result in angering the boar and giving off your location—both of which could cost you your life!

In history, people used to use spears or daggers in boar hunting, however there were a lot more hunting fatalities back then! Present day hunters tend to use guns because it is much easier to deliver that killing shot. But a gun isn’t the only option. Many people are able to successfully hunt boar using a bow, however even the most accomplished archers can find it difficult to hit a moving target. If you are a successful trapper, you can even use this method to catch yourself a good-sized boar. Aside from the weapon or trap of choice, it is also a good idea to take with you a map of the area as well as a hunting knife. It’s a good idea to make sure that you have some sort of weapon at the ready and on your person at all times in case you miss or merely wound with that first shot and get charged by a boar.