Blood Stain Removal

Tips For Blood Stain Removal

Those who are looking for blood stain removal tips realize that blood can be one of the most difficult types of stain to clean, especially once it has started to dry. The reason for this is that hemoglobin in the blood will bind with fibers as soon as it hits air. It is advisable that before you try any type of stain removal that you first test an area of the fabric to see if it will be damaged. Different types of fabric may react differently to stain removal.

Of course it is far easier to get blood out of fabric before it has a chance to dry. As soon as blood becomes dry it will be very difficult to remove so if at all possible start the blood removal process before the blood has dried. Another important step that you won’t want to overlook is that you should never rub a bloodstain, as this will only make the blood harder to get out; instead try blotting with a clean rag.

You will need the following ingredients,

Some additional steps you can take if you have a difficult time with the blood stain removal include using a window washing solution on the stain. Rub this in and then rinse out with cold water. Another way that many people get blood stains out is by soaking the fabric in milk and then washing in a washing machine. Although this may work at times, it is not always very successful.

Blood stain removal can be very difficult, but there is no need to toss your favorite shirt in the trash just because you got a little blood on it. Instead try some of these blood stain removal tips to see if you can get the blood out. It may take some time but you just might be able to save your favorite shirt. In most cases blood stains can be removed successfully if you are will to take the time to work on it.