Blackberry Tea

How to Make Blackberry Tea

Blackberry tea is a wonderful delight on warm summer days.  Many people will make tea with lemons or raspberries but blackberries also add a wonderful flavor.  This article is going to explain to you how to make blackberry tea in your own home.  You will be able to flavor it the way you like and you will not have to pay for it in the store.

You are going to need to gather a few different ingredients in order to make your tea.  You will, of course, need blackberries.  You will also want to obtain sugar, mint and baking soda.  Two family sized tea bags will work nicely for this recipe.  You will also need 4 cups of boiling water and two and a half cups of cold water as well.  Once you have gathered all of the needed ingredients, you will be ready to begin.

Start by adding three cup of the blackberries to one and one quarter cups of sugar.  You will want to mix these together in a large container so that you will be able to mix them all together just a little bit.  This is going to ensure that you are getting sugar all over each of the berries.  Now, your blackberry tea is well underway.

Once you have mixed the berries with the sugar, you are going to want to get a large spoon and begin lightly smashing the berries with this spoon. You are going to want to be sure that you have got all of the berries.   Do not leave any of them in their whole form.  Remember that as you are smashing them you are releasing their flavor and their juices.  Next, you will add one tablespoon of freshly chopped mint and you will then add a pinch of the baking soda you had ready.

You are going to want to prepare the four cups of boiling water when you are finished with this first step.  You will then pour this water over the two family sized tea bags.  You will want to leave the tea bags in the water for approximately three minutes.  You can leave the tea bags in the water for a longer amount of time if you want the tea to be a little bit stronger.  Once you have the tea to the desired strength you want it, you will remove the tea bags from the water.

Now, you will want to pour the tea over top of the blackberries that you just smashed. You will leave all of this sitting in the container, at room temperature for about one hour.  Your blackberry tea is almost finished!  When the hour is up, you will want to strain the mixture and take out all of the large berries.  You will then your two and one half cups of cold water.  You will cover this and place it in the refrigerator so that it can chill.  It will be ready to drink when you are ready for it.

As you can see, making fresh blackberry tea is not very complicated at all.  If you do not have any fresh blackberries you can purchase frozen berries and let them thaw out.  You will be able to use them just the same as fresh.  You are going to really enjoy this tea.  You will find it very refreshing and light.  You can add sugar or garnish the tea any way you would like.  That is the good thing about making your own.  You will be able to make it just the way you like it.  When you taste the final product, you are going to glad that you made it your way.