Black Walnut Extract

Facts about Black Walnut Extract

Nuts are a nutritious source of food just as they are in their natural state, but many types also have other healthful properties in other forms; for example, black walnut extract.  This concentrated liquid can be used not only for culinary endeavors but for several medical uses as well.

Properties of the walnut

Black walnuts are the fruit of a flowering tree in the hickory family.  The nuts are rich tasting and meaty, and packed with filling protein at 30 grams in only a little of 4 ounces.  They are also a good source of Omega 3 acids.  There are downsides to the nuts in that they are also high in calories (773) as well as fat (74 grams).  In fact, the number of calories derived from the fat alone is 617.  Despite the calories and fat that the walnuts offer, when eaten in moderation as part of a healthy, balanced diet, they are considered to be a good food.

For centuries, the black walnut has been regarded as a food with healthful properties.  An unsubstantiated ideology is that they are “brain” food, likely due to the similarity in appearance to the human brain.  While this is simply an association, walnuts do possess elements that provide medical relief for certain conditions.  Iodine and copper are essential elements to the human body, as are the zinc, potassium and calcium which are found in the nut.   These, along with many other beneficial minerals and vitamins, are purported to bring relief against constipation, eczema, psoriasis, viral warts, high blood pressure, asthma and sore throats.  One of the most successful claims to fame lies in its ability to eradicate the system of parasitic worms, but it is not the nut itself that provides this power.  It is it the extraction from the unripe hull called green black walnut extract that offers the ability to kill off parasites in the digestive system.

Green black walnut extract

When thinking of a nut, most people automatically picture the nut meat.  These people would be puzzled at the sight of the black walnut growing upon its tree, as in its natural raw state, it bears absolutely no resemblance to the packaged nutmeats found in stores.  Instead, rough looking green orbs clustered in small groups among the densely leafed tree meet their eyes as they gaze up into the tree.  These are the immature walnuts.  The outer green surface that encompasses the walnut is the hull; a protective coating that acts like an incubator for the developing nut within.  While the nutmeats themselves are delicious and nutritious, it is in the green hull where the majority of the medicinal value lies.

These immature hulls contain certain tannins and quinine compounds, as well as juglone that are invaluable in the elimination of parasites.  The hulls must be soaked in alcohol, such as 100- proof vodka, for one to one and a half weeks in a tightly sealed glass jar; a cool and dark location is best.  Every couple of days, give the jar a little shake.  At the end of the soaking duration, separate the liquid from the solids by pouring the mixture through a sieve.  Press the solids firmly against the sieve to extract the liquids; discard the solids.  The strained fluid should be dark green in color.  To use the extract, place 4 to 5 drops of extract into a 2 oz. glass of water and drink.  Consuming this mixture 3 times each day for no more than two weeks is the best means for eliminating parasites from the digestive system, and will also relieve constipation.

The simple enjoyment of eating nutmeats is great, but there are additional properties to some nuts although in different forms.  Green black walnut extract is one example of how one nut can be delicious as a food and beneficial as a medicinal tonic.