Birthday Celebration Ideas

A Guide to Birthday Celebration Ideas

When it comes to birthdays, everyone has different birthday celebration ideas. Some people like to totally ignore birthdays while others like to go for the most outrageous celebration possible. Whichever way you are leaning, this year go ahead and put some original thinking into your own birthday or someone else’s. Maybe we can help by giving you some new birthday celebration ideas.

First of all, if you do nothing else, send a card or flowers. Birthdays are special and every one should be celebrated by, at the very least, some small gift or card from family and friends. Everyone needs to know that someone remembered their special day. A birthday celebration doesn’t have to be big to be special.

Then again, you can go all out and organize the biggest birthday bash ever. You can party in someone’s home or go out and rent a space, such as a restaurant, club or hall.  You can have all kinds of birthday decorations, balloons, a birthday cake, and of course, cards and gifts. You can have a nice dinner in a restaurant or catered with the birthday guest’s favorite foods. A surprise birthday party is always memorable, but sometimes the guest needs to know beforehand for logistical purposes.

Themed birthday parties are one of the most popular birthday celebration ideas. These can be for someone of any age from a child to a senior citizen. All you have to do is find out a few hobbies, TV shows, books, films or other activities that the birthday guest likes and organize a birthday party around that theme. All of the party decorations can be related to the theme, even the food.

For little kids, you could organize a birthday party around cartoons, their favorite TV shows, Disney characters like Cinderella or Mickey Mouse, book or movie characters like Harry Potter, Dr. Seuss storybook characters, Winnie the Pooh, heroes, such Batman and Robin, Superman, or Spiderman. Girls might like a Barbie theme or even sports, like soccer or baseball, or maybe even a dress-up party. Boys’ themes could include cowboys, NASCAR or football. All kinds of animals and pets are also good, such as puppies, dogs, cats, kittens, horses, or geckos.

Teenager birthday celebration ideas might include taking everyone out to a local hangout for burgers or pizza. A sporting event such a baseball, basketball, football or a hockey game is always a choice for a birthday treat. If you really wanted to rack up some points, take your kids and their friends out to see their favorite band or singer in concert.

Birthday celebration ideas for adults can also involve theme parties. Everyone could go to a local golf course for eighteen holes and a dinner party, or you could have birthday party, complete with decorations and cake based on the theme of gardening, antiques, motorcycles, rock and roll, classic cars, or a gambling party with a room set up just like a casino.

There are also kinds of birthday celebration ideas having to do with music--maybe a jazz party or even hip hop or country music. Other popular themes can have to do with food--Mexican, Italian, Asian--take whatever food the birthday guest enjoys and decorate and serve a nice dinner based on that type of chosen cuisine.

Whatever birthday celebration ideas you have, go with whatever feels right. Chances are no matter what you do, the birthday guy or gal will just be pleased you remembered.