Biggest Rat

How to Spot the Biggest Rat in the Pack

Anyone who has been dumped will say their ex is the biggest rat in the world. Many people have lived and learned through relationships with a certain rat that is just not ready for commitment. Some of these rats are not even ready for classification as a human being. They are aliens and should be treated as such. That means keep your distance – at least until they can prove that they are not in fact the biggest rat on earth.

Using a few tried and true techniques, you can spot the biggest rat in the pack before the relationship even begins. This will save you from months – maybe even years of future heartbreak. The steps are simple and require only common sense and a bit of self control. Follow these basics to save yourself from the pain of dating a big fat rat.

Begin at the Beginning
When considering a possible future relationship, always learn the potential partner’s first and last names right from the outset. It may seem obvious, but if the rat is trying to hide something from you, they may start with their true full name. Looks should never come into play at this step. Regardless of how hot they are – it is not wise to jump into a relationship before covering the basics.

Get the 411
Never start a relationship with someone who refuses to fill you in on their life. This includes family background, personal history, what they do for a living – hint: if they don’t have a job, you may want to take them off the potential partners list. This does not mean that you have to conduct an interview the first time you meet. It means that the getting to know each other phase should actually include getting to know each other.

The biggest rats in the dating world often give clues to who they really are. There are many reasons why potential partners ignore these signs, not the least of which is that rats are often skilled at making you feel really good when you are together (at least in the beginning when things are fresh and new). Once a big-time rat settles in to a comfortable relationship, however, the true colors begin to show.

The Lying Rat
There is just no excuse for dishonesty in a relationship. No excuse. When a person lies, they are trying to hide something. There are no exceptions, so don’t fall for any plea – no matter how reasonable it seems and how charming and convincing the liar is. Lies almost always cause irreparable damage to relationships, and they should be avoided at all costs. Remember this: a person who lies about little things will lie about big things too. And another thing – there is no such thing as a white lie. A lie is a lie. End of story.

The Mysterious Rat
Not too far down the path from the lying rat, lurks the mysterious rat. You know, the one who is “shy” and uncomfortable with talking about themselves. While mystery may be enticing and sexy, it is not practical for long-term relationships. Stay away from those rats that are not forthcoming with information, because it may mean they are hiding some very important detail – like that they are married or just got out of prison. You get the picture.

The best way to spot the biggest rat in the pack is to enter the dating world with your eyes wide open. Pay attention and you probably won’t get fooled.