Best Man Responsibilities

Best Man: Responsibilities and Traditions

Being asked to fill the role of best man is a tremendous honor; but there are several best man responsibilities that come with the job. Traditionally, the best man is usually a close relative of the groom, such as a brother or cousin, or his best friend. As a whole, the best man should be someone who is dependable, supportive, and capable of organizing and executing tasks. If you have been chosen as the best man, then it’s a good idea that you brush up on “best man responsibilities” and prepare yourself accordingly. Let’s take a look at some of the traditional and modern tasks that may fall to you…


Before the Wedding

The most well-known of all best man responsibilities is without a doubt the task of putting together a bachelor party, or stag night. This has become a staple among wedding traditions and should largely be planned and arranged by the best man and other attendants, taking into account the groom’s feelings on how “wild” the party should or should not be. The best man should also be sure to pick up the groom’s tuxedo and see that the other groomsmen attend tuxedo fittings. The best man should attend the wedding rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner, as well as organize the order in which the toasts are given at the rehearsal dinner.

Day of the Wedding

The best man will certainly be busy on the day of the wedding! He may want to call ahead to confirm travel and accommodation reservations for the couple’s honeymoon on the day of the wedding—preferably before the wedding begins. It is also his responsibility to ride with the groom to the venue and help him get ready for the ceremony. He should remind the groom to bring the marriage license and payment for whomever is performing the marriage, if applicable. The best man should also make it a point to check on the ushers and ensure that they are in position and are clear on the seating arrangement. During the wedding, the best man’s place is at the altar next to the groom. If no ring bearer will be used, then the best man must keep the ring in a safe place during the ceremony until the time to exchange vows arrives. The best man may be required to sign the marriage license as a witness and should take an active part in arranging formal photos before and after the ceremony.


After the Wedding

After the ceremony has taken place, the best man should make sure that all personal items are taken back to the groom’s home. He should be waiting at the reception to greet the bride and groom as they arrive. Throughout the reception, the groom should dance with the bride as well as with the maid of honor. One of the more formal—and nerve-wracking!—best man responsibilities includes giving the first toast at the reception. He should also read any written speeches supplied by relatives who were unable to attend the reception. The best man may be asked to hold on to checks supplied by guests until the couple returns from the honeymoon, or to deposit them into a bank account for the couple. Shortly before the couple is due to leave the reception, the best man should check to ensure that the couple’s travel bags are loaded into the car. He may offer to drive the couple to their hotel or the airport himself or he could make alternative transportation arrangements.

Being the best man may feel a bit overwhelming at first, but it truly is an honor to be chosen to perform this key role. As the best man, you can have a direct effect on making the wedding a smooth and memorable experience, so give it your best!