Best Energy Drink

Looking For The Best Energy Drink?

What do you look for if you want to find the best energy drink? That can be tough to answer. Just about every energy drink on the market is touted as being the best energy drink you could by, so you really can't go by the advertising or what it says on the can or the bottle. Also what is best not only depends on the energy kick you might feel, and the duration of that energy boost, but the taste and as well as the price. It can be a little difficult to calculate units of energy per hour per dollar spent, and factor in taste as well.

The two options really are to either try a number of different drinks and experience the products for yourself or check out what others have to say. Following are a few comments about some of the more popular energy drinks. As one might expect, what one person calls be best energy drink is downplayed by another as not being all that hot. Bear in mind, a lot of these drinks rely heavily on sugar, caffeine, or both to provide the energy kick and cannot exactly be described as health drinks.

One of the sweeter tasting energy drinks is Rockstar. It is also one of the more highly rated energy drinks and to some would certainly qualify as the best energy drink. It has a very sweet, tingly (due to the carbonation) flavor. For some it gets a little too sweet towards the end of the can. Rockstar is reasonably priced and contains a goodly amount of vitamins, milk thistle, and ginkgo. Each can also has a healthy dose of taurine, a substance that is good for your cholesterol levels but can be toxic in overdoses. One would have to drink a few cans in one sitting to feel any toxic effects however and would certainly be end up being pretty wired in any event. Rockstar is reasonably priced but to some has just a bit too much sugar.

Another favorite, relying both on good doses of sugar and of caffeine is Power Trip THE EXTREME. This drink is seems to compare favorably with Red Bull, probably the best selling energy drink and for most people simply the best energy drink. Power Trip THE EXTREME is looked upon by some as simply being a Red Bull knockoff, which really isn't all that bad. This Power Trip drink contains one and one-half times the amount of caffeine per serving as Red Bull, a healthy dose of taurine (an amino acid), and your recommended daily supply of both Vitamin C and a number of B vitamins.

The Monster line of power drinks is well known in the energy drink crowd, and like most of the other brands relies on a combination of glucose, caffeine and taurine, plus a fair amount of ginseng. Monster Assault, a recent addition to the Monster product line has a cola flavor to it which those who drink cola will like and those who do not care for cola drinks probably will not like. One reviewer compared the taste of Assault to cherry-flavored throat spray.

As far as saving the best for last, although only an opinion, the best energy drink of all may be a newer kid on the block, 5 Hour Energy. This drink comes in a 2 ounce bottle, so one could drink the whole thing even if it tasted bad, which it does not. What may be best about this drink is that it's sugar free, but has plenty of caffeine and taurine, and a month's worth of vitamins B12 and B6. On a per ounce basis, 5 Hour energy might seem expensive, but at the same time it might just be the best energy drink out there.