Bench Drill Press

How to Safely Use a Bench Drill Press

Using a bench drill press for the first time can be frightening if you do not know what you are doing.  You may simply look at it and wonder where you should start and how to go about using it properly.  This article will explain how to safely use this.  You may finally get some use out of that Christmas gift!

We are going to start by identifying the main function of a bench drill press.  It is used to drill into wood or other materials.  You can use this to drill into plastics and different types of metal if you are using it at a slow speed.  This can also be used as a way to sand different materials.  Because you can use this tool for several different purposes, it is recommended that you have more than one set of drill bits.  You can then use one set of drill for wood and you could use the other set for metals or plastics.

The most important thing that you need to remember is to watch where you are placing your fingers.  You do not wan to have any accidents when you turn the machine on.  It is very easy to get injured if you are not paying attention while you are using it.  The same warning applies to using bits that are bend or damaged.  You do not want any pieces of the drill bit breaking off and flying towards you while you are using the bench drill press.  Also, make sure that the bit is locked into the drill correctly and tightly.  This will help ensure that it can not slip out while the drill is running and injure you.

Most individuals have clamps in their workshops or garages.  These need to be used if you are going to be using the bench drill press to cut or drill into metal.  When you clamp it down you are taking safety measures to ensure that the metal can not fly off of the table and hit you in the face or fly back and hit you in the hand or arm.  If you have ever drilled into metal before you know that it can be very sharp and could hurt you if it hits you.  Be sure that you do not attempt to drill surfaces that are uneven or shaped oddly.  This increases the likelihood of dropping the piece or it flying out of the press and hitting you.

Finally, make sure that, when you are using this tool, you are not wearing loose clothing, long sleeves, neck ties or gloves.  You do not want to be wearing anything that can get caught in the bench drill press.  This can cause you to become pulled into the drill press and become injured.  These tools can be very dangerous and you could be severely injured if you are not careful.  Also make sure that you are wearing eye glasses as you are drilling with the press or sanding anything.  It is very easy for something to fly up and hit you in the eye.  This can cause permanent damage.

It is always better to be overly cautious rather than to laxed.  This is especially true if you have never used a bench drill press in the past.  Most likely your new tool came with a users guide and it will tell you how to use the machine safely.  You are going to want to read this book before you begin using this tool.  This is a very versatile machine and it can be a wonderful addition to your workshop if it is used properly.