Becoming A Spy

Tips for Becoming a Spy

If you suspect that someone you love is doing something behind your back, you may have considered becoming a spy. Of course, your spying would be confined to learning about the movements and activities of your loved ones rather than trying to find out the secrets of a foreign government, but some of the methods may be similar.

Keep Secrets

One of the most important things to keep in mind when becoming a spy is to not drop any hints about what you are doing. You do not want the person on whom you are spying to get any heads up. If they do, they may altar their plans to avoid being caught.

Instead, just continue to act as if everything is fine. This will allow the person to let their guard down, and will make your job a whole lot easier.

Borrow a Car

If you want to follow someone, do not use your own car. If you’re becoming a spy to learn about the actions of your children or spouse, it is quite obvious why using your own car is not a good idea. Instead, borrow a car from a co-worker or rent a car.

This will allow you to trail them without being noticed very easily.

Use Technology

There is so much technology available today that becoming a spy is easier than it has ever been in the past. In addition to being able to track every call made from a cell phone, you can also place cameras and GPS devices that are so small they will likely never be detected.

You can place cameras in your children’s room or place a small GPS device on your spouse’s car. This will allow you to track their movements without them finding out.

Use Wisely

Before becoming a spy, you need to ask yourself this question: Do I have a good reason to suspect this loved one of doing something wrong? Remember, that if the person does find out about your spying, they are going to feel violated and will have a hard time trusting you in the future.

If they were not doing anything wrong, that would be a high price to pay for doing some spying. If, however, you do feel that you have a good reason to be suspicious, then spying may be the right choice.

For example, if you suspect your children are using drugs then spying could actually save their life. The natural reaction when confronted about drug use is to deny it. Most parents want to believe their children so they give them the benefit of the doubt.

If you have a good reason to think they are using drugs in spite of their denials, that there is no better reason in the world for becoming a spy. The earlier you can catch the drug use and then find a way to help them stop, the better.

Of course, many interested in becoming a spy think that their spouse is being unfaithful to them. You must be very careful to not falsely accuse your spouse. If, however, you have good reason to think they are up to something, spying may be the only way you’ll know for sure.

Becoming a spy is a lot easier today than in the past. With the available technology, it’s easy to spy on just about anyone. Just be sure that you are spying with good reason so as not to break the trust between you and a loved one unnecessarily.