Become A Better Singer

You Can Become A Better Singer

Formal training is one way to become a better singer, and for someone wanting to become a professional singer, it may be the best way. But it is also possible to become a better singer in a "do it yourself" fashion, by simply working on a few simple tips.

Maybe they shouldn't be called simple tips, as they are easier to talk about than do. But understanding these tips and what you are trying to accomplish with them, and then practicing them should help you become a better singer. Practice in itself is a good tip of course, but it helps to have some idea of what to be practicing. If you think you want a little help, there are DVDs and CDs providing singing exercises, tips, and drills, plus there's a wealth of information on the subject on the Internet. But let's stick to a few things you can do to help yourself. If nothing else, it may make life a little more pleasant for the person standing next to you in the church choir.

Relax -Everything - The first tip is to relax. Relaxing sounds simple, but can be hard to do, or at least it can be very hard sometimes to stay relaxed. We have a tendency to tense up without noticing it when singing, or in doing a lot of other things for that matter. So you need to be able to focus on how to relax and stay relaxed. You'll find you sing better if you relax. The most difficult thing to learn about relaxing is to relax your mouth. We usually don't think about our mouths when it comes to relaxing, but it is possible to do, and will make you a better singer.

Think About Your Breathing - The second tip is to breathe properly. This actually goes hand in hand with relaxing. If you have taken yoga classes, you may have been taught to pay attention to your breathing, and become totally immersed in the act. As far as breathing technique is concerned, a good drill is to practice taking deep breaths and expelling the air slowly through pursed lips. Make the exhale much longer than the inhale. This will help you have enough air to handle a long note or a long phrase. You also want to learn to breathe with your stomach. When you breathe deeply, it's your stomach moving in and out that you want, and not your chest. Your chest shouldn't be moving at all.

Sing Like You Talk - The third tip is to sing like you talk, although if you don't talk clearly, you won't sing clearly either. Learn the vowel sounds, and practice them. Make a drill of going through all the vowel sounds over and over. Here, a CD or DVD might help in giving you a reference to work from. You also want to clearly pronounce all the consonants in the words a song, and not clip things off. If the style of song you're singing calls for that, OK, but when practicing your singing, keep all the consonants in your head, and pronounce them. Slow things down, relax, breath correctly, and pronounce every consonant, and you should soon be noticing a difference.

Think Irish - There are some variations to singing like you talk. One school of thought is to talk in a sing song accent, then incorporate that into your singing. That doesn't mean you perform in sing song, but you practice in sing song. Another approach is to practice an Irish accent and try to sing that way. The Irish are noted for their singing abilities, so it may not be a total surprise that trying to incorporate a bit of an Irish accent will make your voice sound much better.

There are plenty of other tips which are freely given, many of which you'll find very helpful. Working on the three given here will give you plenty to do at first, and should help you to become a better singer. Who knows?  The day may come soon when you're sounding every bit as good outside the shower as in it.