Become A Better Runner

5 Steps To Become A Better Runner

            Exercise is the best way to develop a healthier body, and one way to achieve this is to become a better runner.  Because vigorous exercise, such as running, is known to lengthen life and reduce the amount of age related disabilities, it is important to know the proper ways to perform the activity.

            We all learn to run at an early age; it comes shortly after learning to walk.  As young people, running is a natural means of getting around.  Not necessarily done because of the need to run, moving along at a fast pace is usually done just because it can be at that stage of life.  As we age, we lose the natural desire to run and become more sedate.  Then the realization sets in that, because of the slower pace, unwanted weight gain enters the picture.  An energetic pace is needed, and running for exercise is just the pace to set.  However, we soon learn that running is not such a natural thing any longer, and it becomes necessary to learn all over again how to become a better runner.

            So why running?  Many medical professionals agree that strenuous exercise that raises the pulse between 60 and 90 percent of the maximal heart rate is required two or three times each week for greatest health benefits.  Running not only achieves the recommended amount of aerobic activity but also can get you out into the fresh air when using tracks or trails through parks.

            Running is a complex activity that requires great cooperation of many body parts.  If not done correctly, pain and injury can be the result.  In fact, running has in some ways gotten a bad reputation due to many people suffering from injuries after doing it incorrectly.  Fortunately, there are a few steps that can be followed in order to learn how to run correctly before you begin the activity; staving off any complications.

Step 1:  Learn how to run.
Natural running ability should never be assumed; there is not a perfect running form since all of us are made differently.  Let gravity and balance be your guide when running.  Running involves your posture, the angle of your body, how you pump your legs and how you land your feet.  There is a symmetry attained when you have found your natural gait.

Step 2:  Decide on one running technique
People will argue on the best running techniques, but the truth is that what is best for one runner may not work for another.  Investigate all of the techniques and try them out.  You will instinctively know which technique is best for you.

Step 3:  Take the time to learn your technique
Now that you have determined which running technique is compatible with your body, practice it and perfect it.  Adopting a technique is of no use if not done properly.  If necessary, have a friend or family member videotape you as you run.  Review it to see if you are following the technique you have chosen.  Also, listen to your body; it will certainly let you know if something is out of sync.

Step 4:  Develop your running skill
Deciding to run a marathon or to beat a personal goal is a great thing.  Before that goal can be reached, however, you must focus on developing your running skill.  Don’t worry about achieving a speed or distance right away; it is more important to polish your running skills first.

Step 5:  Train regularly
Running cannot be done sporadically and be expected to achieve results.  A regular, sensible training schedule must be set and kept to be successful.

            Running is a great exercise to improve health.  Understanding and working on these 5 steps to become a better runner will help you be successful in that goal.