Be Less Awkward

Tips to Help You Be Less Awkward

Are you hoping to be less awkward? Unfortunately awkwardness is not necessarily limited to childhood and the teenage years. Many young and mid-life adults find that they simply are not comfortable in social situations and feel as though they just do not fit in. Luckily, awkwardness doesn’t have to be the defining aspect of your life! All you need is a little guidance in the right direction and soon you will find that you can be less awkward and even comfortable in social situations.


The reason why a lot of people seem so laid-back is because they don’t doubt their capabilities. If you feel out of place in public, then chances are you doubt your own ability to handle whatever may crop up. This could be social situations such as dining out, bowling with new friends, or going on a date. You might find yourself avoiding these situations in fear that you will embarrass yourself, or you may simply wish to iron out a few of your wrinkles, so to speak.

Confidence is defined as trusting in oneself, feeling bold due to positive self-reliance. It is definitely a learned trait, but it doesn’t have to come hard-won. People with low confidence will usually keep their aims low, which means life probably won’t get any better for them unless they allow it. In order to gain confidence, you have to learn to trust your own instincts first and foremost. Don’t go along with others simply for the sake of it. Confidence means being able to stand out without fear that others will judge you—or not caring if they do. One can learn to fake a confident atmosphere during social gatherings, but true self confidence means that a person doesn’t feel the need to prove themselves to others. Before you go out, try to do something that will give you that added boost of confidence, such as listening to a good song or talking with a supportive friend of family member. The better you feel at the beginning of the outing, the more likely you will be to keep that positive frame of mind, leading to a confident and charming aura!


Focus on Your Best Qualities

In order to gain confidence, you might have to double-check your self esteem. The way that you judge your own worth has a huge impact on how you carry yourself around others. If you have low self esteem, you might be able to trace it back to a particular incident(s). Maybe you were bullied, had your efforts belittled, or set unrealistic and unachievable goals for yourself. We are born with neither low nor high self esteem—it is a learned trait. Luckily enough, one can learn to reprogram their way of thinking to be more positive and self-uplifting. Start out by concentrating on your best qualities rather than your flaws. Take the time to remind yourself often that you are a worthy person and that you have something to offer the world, whether it be a musical talent, creativity, or simply a kind heart.

Treat Yourself

Part of your lack of confidence could be that you simply haven’t treated yourself in a while. When was the last time you bought yourself a new shirt or gave in to one of your indulgences? A fashionable new outfit, a haircut, gym membership, or new makeup (if you’re a gal) can work wonders on your self esteem. If you look the part, chances are you are going to feel the part, and this certainly applies in social situations. So consider doing something positive that you haven’t gotten to do in a while.

The main obstacle in learning to be less awkward is to simply learn to be yourself around others. Keep your thoughts positive and try not to expect the worst out of others.