BBQ Corn On The Cob

How to Make BBQ Corn on the Cob

BBQ corn on the cob is a unique way to prepare this summer vegetable.  If this is something you have never tried, you are going to want to start.  Your friends and family are going to be amazed at the great flavor the corn has when it is given some kick from the bbq sauce.  You are going to realize what you have been missing.  This is quickly going to become your favorite side dish.

The first thing that you need to do is get some fresh corn on the cob.  This is easy to do in the summer time when corn is in season and you know that it is fresh.  Once you have purchased the corn on the cob you will want to leave it in the husk.  You will then get a large cooler that you can fit all of the corn into.  You will then fill it half of the way up with water and add a half of a cup of salt.  Stir it up so that the salt will dissolve in the water.

Next, you will add the corn to the chest of water.  Be sure that all of the corn is under water.  If they are not, you will want to add more water to the cooler.  This is very important because you need the corn to soak in the water.  You will leave it there for one half an hour.  This adds some moisture to the corn itself.  It also makes the husk water logged so that they will not burn when you are ready to place them on the grill for cooking.

While the corn is soaking you are going to get your grill set up and warming.  When the corn is finished soaking you are going to take it out of the water and place it on the grill.  Remember that when you are making bbq corn on the cob you will be leaving the husks on the corn.  You will spread all of it out onto the grill and let it cook for 30 minutes.  You do need to keep an eye on the corn and turn it over every 5 minutes.  While this is cooking you are going to empty the water out of the cooler and put it next to the grill.  When the corn is done cooking you will take it off of the grill and place it back into the cooler.  You will then close the lid on the cooler.  This is going to allow the corn to stem cook while you prepare the rest of your meal.  It is also going to keep the corn warm so it is ready to eat when you are.

When the rest of your meal is finished you can take a piece of corn and peel the husk off of it.  You will then add your bbq sauce to the corn on the cob.  You can also add butter if you would like.  You are going to find out that the bbq sauce adds a kick to the corn like no other.  You will really enjoy its wonderful flavor.  If you would like to prepare bbq corn on the cob without such a hassle you can prepare your corn on the cob by taking the husk off and boiling it.  When it is almost finished, you will place some bbq sauce on a piece of foil.  You will then wrap it around the corn and place it in the oven or on the grill to finish.  The bbq sauce is going to add a lot of flavor to your corn.