Bat Repellent

Are You In Need Of A Bat Repellent?

If you find yourself in need of a bat repellent, the best thing to do is call a professional who is skilled and equipped to remove the mammal from your home without causing it harm.  Keep in mind that if they do find their way into your home, they are just looking for a cool and dark place to stay during the day and then they typically leave at night to go out and hunt for food.

Bat Proof Your Home

The most effective bat repellent that you can use is to make sure that they cannot find a way to enter into your home.  You will want to thoroughly check the perimeter of your roof and check for spaces or holes that they can use as an entrance.  These available portals to your home need to be sealed, regardless if you think that they are too small for a bat to get through or not.  You may be surprised at what a small space they can squeeze through.

You will also want to inspect your chimney to be sure that it has no openings and also that the trap is working properly.  It is not really important what type of material that you use since they will rarely try to get past a barricade.  It is also a good idea to make sure there are no bats in your attic before you seal off the only way for them to get out.

Dealing With Bats In Your Home

If you do not necessarily need a bat repellent but do need help getting one stray out that flew in your home randomly, it is still recommended to call a wildlife remover professional.  If a bat is in your home, you should move everyone in the house to one safe room and shut the door.  Then you will open all of the windows and doors and hope that it will find its way back outside and out of your home.

If the bat does not leave your home for whatever reason, grab a fishing net or a pool net and a thick pair of gloves.  Once you capture the bat in the net you can let it go outside.  Keep in mind that bats are delicate creatures and become injured easily.

Repellent Spray

Although it is hard to find an actual bat repellent that really works, even though they all claim that they do, a bottle of cat and dog repellent does a pretty good job.  You will want to wait until the evening when they are all out hunting and then spray the surfaces.  If a bat is lingering in your home still, do not spray it with the repellent.  You will not kill the bat but merely anger it and make it aggressive towards you.

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass insulation works well as a bat repellent if the cat and dog spray does not work well for you.  Fiberglass is very irritating to a bat's skin.  Applying a thin layer should be all you need to keep the bats away.  Always be sure to handle insulation with caution as it is very irritating to human skin as well.

Other Helpful Ideas

Depending on the bat, sometimes a bird repellent will work when sprayed around available entrances.  It is also quite helpful to leave lights and fans on in the area because bats detest light and noise.

Always exercise extreme caution when dealing with bats as they can be dangerous when they feel threatened.  They prefer to avoid human contact so they have not entered your home to be aggressive or to harm you but simply to hide out in a safe place during the day while they sleep.