Basketball Drills For Beginners

If you are new to basketball then basketball drills for beginners are exactly what you need to be doing on a regular basis.  These drills are going to help you get prepared for the real game and they are going to help you practice the skills you are going to need in order to be a good player.  You may do these drills when you are practicing as a team but you can also do them when you are alone.  Either way, you are going to be improving your game.  That is the goal, right?


Basketball drills for beginners should include lay-ups.  These are generally used as a way to help you become more accurate at your shooting skills.  This is because when you go in for a lay-up, you are a lot closer to the basket.  This helps you gain confidence because you get better at making baskets and you begin to feel good about it.  You are going to want to remember to shoot the ball with your dominant hand.  You could also practice with both hands for a while in order to determine which hand you feel more comfortable using.  You are going to get better when you are using the hand that feels the best.

The way that the lay-ups are actually carried out is going to depend on the size of the player.  If the child is small and just starting out, you can always have them practice their shots with both hands.  Be sure that they are close to the basket so they can begin to gain confidence.  However, if the kids are older and taller, you can have them practice doing running lay-ups.  This is going to help them better prepare for the real game and they are going to be comfortable when the time comes for them to play another team.  You can have the beginners work towards making ten baskets in a row.  If they miss one you will want them to start over.


Working on free throws are other basketball drills for beginners that need to be incorporated into practice sessions.  You will place the players on the free throw line and have him or her practice making the shot.  You will want them to make ten in a row, just like above, and they will need to start over if they miss one.  Free throws are another critical part of the game and you want your players to be comfortable with these shots.

You will also want your basketball drills for beginners to include dribbling.  Your team needs to be able to move the ball across the court appropriately. This may be very difficult for a player that is new to the game.  Without practice, he or she is not going to be able to dribble the ball accurately or with any type of speed.  Both of these things are very important to a good game so add this drill as well.

Basketball drills are very important and they need to be a critical part of every practice.  You should also encourage your team members to practice these drills off of the court as well.  We all know that practice makes perfect and that is the truth.  Beginners can often become frustrated and feel overwhelmed. However, you need to encourage them and help them understand the importance of these drills.  Once they understand why they are important and how they can help them improve, they are going to be more willing to do them.  Be sure to monitor the child first though to be sure that he or she is actually completing the drills accurately so that they are not practicing them wrong.