Banquet Ideas

Banquet Ideas Aren't Hard To Come By

There are as many banquet ideas as there are kinds of banquets. A banquet is usually a larger gathering, centered about food that can honor one person but more often than not honors several people. In fact many banquets that are held honor everyone who is in attendance. There are Father -Son banquets, Father Daughter banquets, and Mother Daughter banquets. Sports banquets are typically held at the end of a sporting season. Clubs and organizations hold banquets at times for whatever reason they can find. And the Family Reunion is always an excellent excuse for a fine banquet.

The Sports Banquet - Whatever is needed in the way of banquet ideas then is more often than not dictated by the type of banquets we are talking about. If there is one common thread, the banquet ideas are usually centered about a common thread or theme. A banquet by definition is a somewhat formal affair. It's not that tie and tails are expected, but there is more often than not a program of sorts involved. A sports banquet will almost always have a Master of Ceremonies and perhaps a keynote speaker as well. Awards and trophies are more often than not handed out, together with a solemn pledge by everyone to try to do a little better next year.

The Church Banquet - Church banquet ideas usually center about fellowship. A good church banquet should always have an interesting guest speaker. The local minister or priest may be a wonderful speaker, but a change of pace or change of face will always be welcome. Church banquets are not always famous for excellent cuisine. A gourmet banquet is not always a priority where fellowship is involved, but the guests should not have to settle for rubber chicken either. Unless it is to be a truly formal affair and business is to be conducted, not the best of banquet ideas, children should be welcome participants.

Father Son Banquet - Father Son banquets are something that every young boy should have the opportunity to participate in at least once. The meal may consist of meat and potatoes and baked beans, but the purpose behind such a banquet is really one of bonding. The same would apply to a Mother Daughter banquet although in this case the food would probably be better! The best banquet ideas for occasions such as these revolve around finding an entertaining guest speaker or two, plus some additional entertainment.

The Class Reunion - Class reunions are another excuse to hold a banquet. These affairs often tend to get a little more formal as the years go by. Initially, say for a 10 or 15 year class reunion, it's more of a party atmosphere. By the time the 40th or 50th reunion rolls around, the get together takes on more of an aspect of a banquet, where the guests spend much of the time seated at one table, or table hopping after the meal has been finished. Class reunion banquet ideas almost always involve a trip down memory lane, whether it be looking at vintage photographs and the class year book, or dancing to the music that was all the rage back then.

Whatever the occasion, if you are planning a banquet and are looking for banquet ideas, simply think of what the underlying theme should be, recognize the importance of the meal as the centerpiece, and look into what might be most appropriate as far as speakers and entertainment are concerned. Banquets normally bring together people with a common interest, so you don't have to find things to entertain a wide diversity of individuals. The hardest banquet of all to plan for could well be the family banquet. If you're faced with coming up with banquet ideas for such an occasion, it would probably make life easier to get a few family members together and design the banquet by committee. On the other hand, if it’s a football banquet, think food and football.