Badminton Tips

A Quick Guide to Badminton Tips

If you are looking for effective badminton tips you have come to the right place.  It is important to develop skill when you are playing this game if you want to excel at it and be pro.  This article will break down and explain some of the most effective tips to help your perfect your game.  Your family will wonder where you learned all your moves.

We are going to start by exploring the proper way to hold the racket.  You will want to have your thumb placed on the flat side of the racket.  This should also be a little bit higher than your index finger.  Even though it may sound difficult, you want to think about the way you are holding the racket as you are playing.  If you have the proper handling on your racket you are going to be able to hit harder and play more effectively.

Now that you have your hand positioning correct you need to think about your wrist.  This tip is very important because it gives speed to the racket when you hit the shuttle.  When you are preparing to send a forehand shot over the net you are going to want to have your wrist cocked back as far back as possible.  In order to do this you need to be extremely relaxed.  This may take a lot of practice.

The first tip for actual play is to enter the center of the court once you have served the shuttle.  This will help you prepared for the return that your opponent is going to send you.  You will lightly sway back and forth while you are in the center.  Some people call this dancing and it is intended to help you move your body into position when the shuttle comes over the net.  You want to continue to be prepared for each shot that may come your way.  You never want to be stuck in one position as the shuttle approaches the net.

You always want to hit the shuttle down.  You can achieve this by being prepared.  You are going to keep your left foot forward and lean forward a little bit with your weight over your right foot.  Keep your racket in front of you.  It is important that you keep the head of the racket in a position that is slightly above the top of the net.  It will most likely take you some time to get use to this position so be sure to practice these tips on a regular basis.  Remember that practice makes perfect.

If you are going to be returning a forehand drop shot you will want to be ready to lower your body position some and move towards the forehand side of the net.  Reach for the shuttle and hit it with the part of your racket that is closest to the top part of the net.  As previously mentioned, you always want to work towards hitting the shuttle down.  The goal is to hit it in such a way that the other player is going to have a hard time returning it to your side of the court.  Look for places on the court that your opponent may frequently leave open.  This is going to help you hit the shuttle into an area that he or she may not be able to get to in time.

Some of this may sound very intimidating if you are just starting out with this sport.  However, if you can become comfortable holding the racket correctly and place yourself in an appropriate position on the court you are going to be more prepared than you think.  You must be able to anticipate where the shuttle is going and be ready to move.  Work on the “dance” as you are focusing on your grip throughout the game.  It is better to stay moving rather than being frozen in one spot.