Awkward Situations

Dealing With Awkward Situations

Awkward situations are a part of everyday life, plain and simple.  So, why is it that some people seem to be able to handle them with grace or even appear as though they are unaffected at all?  Do they know something that you don't?  Was there a class in school you could have taken to better prepare yourself for the moments that stress you out and make you sweat?  Below are a few helpful rules to some moments that you may encounter from time to time.

Hold The Door Behind You Or Not?

One of the most common situations that some people encounter every single day is walking into or out of a building and having to make that split second decision of whether to hold the door behind them or not.  Of course if someone is directly behind you, door courtesy is always appropriate, but what if they are more than a few steps away?

If you have made eye contact, you are pretty much required to hold the door and wait but if you did not, you are off the hook.  However, the rule changes if the person coming behind you is elderly, pregnant, handicapped or on crutches.

Stop And Chats

Stop and chat moments are awkward situations that can happen at work the store, on the street, at the gym or anywhere else you happen to run into someone that you know.  So, you are walking down the street and you see someone you know and you plan on just saying hello and continuing on your way.  Right as you get past them, you then realize that they have stopped to chat and you suddenly feel guilty and confused if you stop now or just keep going.  There are no rules stating that either party has to stop and chat, especially in today's busy world so the best way to handle it is to try to determine what the other person is planning on doing.

Quite often, you can decide whether the stop and chat should occur by the speed of the opposing party.  If they have not slowed down or they look at their watch, chances are, they have no intention of stopping and you can just keep on going.  However, if there is a visible decrease in speed and they are looking at you trying to make eye contact, chances are very good that they are expecting you to stop and chat.

Hug Or Not?

When most people run into someone that they know, especially of the opposite sex, a hello hug is exchanged.  What happens though if they are with someone that you have only met maybe twice at the most?  Do you hug them too so they do not feel left out or is that even more awkward than not hugging at all?

A good rule of thumb for these awkward situations is that if you have met them three times, they should also receive a hug.  Also, if you have only met them once or twice however, you were around each other with good conversation for several hours, they receive a hug.

Airplane Conversations

Airplane conversations are some of the most difficult and frustrating awkward situations, especially on a long flight.  Of course, a polite hello or a few minutes of chit chat throughout the flight is welcome but an entire flight of conversation is a different story.  This especially turns awkward if the person has bad breath or they are telling you their life story beginning with kindergarten.

The tricky thing about airplanes is you cannot leave for an imaginary appointment, nor can you fake an important phone call.  It is easiest to set yourself up with a conversation escape from the very beginning.  This is easily done by saying you haven't had time to sleep so you may nod off at some point or tell them how excited you have been for this flight so that you finally have the time to enjoy a book that you're been dying to read.

A precisely timed bathroom visit can be helpful in these awkward situations as long as when you return to your seat you immediately begin reading a book or appear as though you are trying to fall asleep before they have the opportunity to start the conversation again.