Arrogant Behavior

What Causes an Arrogant Behavior?

More than likely, you have met people during your lifetime who possess an arrogant behavior.  For some reason, these people tend to look down on others while putting themselves on a pedestal.  Now, there is nothing wrong with having self-esteem and self-confidence but when those character traits cross the line to an unhealthy sense of self-worth, something is wrong.  In fact, some people are so arrogant that they are cruel to other people and unfortunately, they do not care who gets in the way of them promoting self.



Keep in mind that when talking about an arrogant behavior, this person constantly acts in an unhealthy way, meaning he or she is not just somewhat vain or conceited.  You will actually find arrogant people make a lot of presumptions and claims, as well as bold statements about how important they are.  In addition, when trying to point out something these people did wrong or even a character flaw, the immediate reaction is to become extremely defensive.  After all, in those people’s minds, they are perfect so there is now way they would fail at something.

It is important to know that while arrogant behavior is unattractive, the reasons behind it are not always what you might think.  The most common reasons that people act this way is because of power and wealth, beauty and youth, status and prestige, and intelligence and education.  However, some people behave with arrogance out of fear, insecurity, unhappiness, doubt, past tragedies, etc.  In these cases, the arrogance is a way of trying to feel better about one’s self but unfortunately, at the expense of others.  However, we wanted to touch briefly on the more common reasons for arrogant behavior.

Sadly, people with an arrogant behavior have created an overinflated sense of pride, which results in ongoing boasting and the “know it all” attitude.  Instead of this making that person more liked or respected, it turns other people off, causing them to lose interest.  Because of this, it is also common for people who are highly arrogant to have few real friends and usually, those friends are also arrogant or they are only true friends to the person’s face.  Arrogant behavior is not only unhealthy and unattractive but it can lead to a long life of loneliness.