Armpit Stains

Tips for Removing Armpit Stains

People naturally perspire, and often the result is armpit stains on clothes. There is really no way that you can avoid perspiring under your arms, though you can reduce the amount you perspire with underarm antiperspirant. Unfortunately you are bound to get some clothes that have yellow stains under the arms.

Armpit stains on some fabrics will have to be professionally cleaned, as home cleaning will likely ruin the clothing. This is especially true of particularly delicate fabrics, such as silk; wool is also a type of fabric that you will need to get professionally cleaned.

Before you attempt to remove armpit stains from your clothing you will need to read the manufacturer’s label; if it instructs professional cleaning then this is what you will need to do to avoid ruining the clothing. In addition, when you do go to clean these stains you will need to test an area of the fabric to see how it reacts to the cleaner you are using.

It is also necessary to determine the cause of the stain before you attempt to remove armpit stains. If the stain is yellow, it is likely the result of perspiration, if the stain appears somewhat clear it is probably caused by your antiperspirant. Stains that are the result of antiperspirant, are best treated the same as a grease stain.

One thing to remember about armpit stains is that you never want to use bleach to remove these stains. The bleach tends to react with the proteins in the perspiration and cause the stains to become even darker. If you use bleach, the light yellow stains will suddenly become quite dark and you will likely have to discard the clothing.

Before you get into the more involved methods of removing armpit stains you can try treating the fabric with a liquid detergent; preferably an oxygenated detergent that is specially formulated to treat protein stains, as well as grass stains, blood, etc. When using liquid detergent you simply add the liquid directly to the stain and let it set for at least half an hour, before continuing to launder the item.

You may also want to treat with detergent and then lay the item in the sun. Keep in mind that you will need to keep the area moist, so about every half an hour you will want to spray with water from a misting bottle. Do this for an entire afternoon and then launder the clothing.

Another option is to treat the stain with hydrogen peroxide. This can be done with white clothing, but should not be used with colored clothing due to the fact that it can fade color in much the same way that bleach does.

If you would prefer a safer method for treating your colored clothing, you can add a tablespoon of vinegar to a cup of water, and soak the stain for about 30 minutes before washing the item.

Armpit stains can ruin clothing quickly, and the longer you leave the stains untreated the darker they get. To avoid having to toss your favorite shirts into the trash, it is a good idea to remove the stains beneath the arms with each washing.

Yellow armpit stains are nuisances, but this really doesn’t have to be a major problem if you know how to treat these stains and remove them from your clothing.