Annoying Neighbors

Types Of Annoying Neighbors And How To Deal With Them

No matter how much you love your home, location, view, nearby parks or remarkable school district, if you have annoying neighbors, everything looks sour.  Of course, you can keep your fingers crossed and dream that they will just move or vanish into thin air but chances are, they probably won't.



Anyone who has dealt with inconsiderate people living around them knows just how frustrating the situation can be.  Do these people think they are the only family in the neighborhood?

Types Of Annoying Neighbors

  1. Loud Music Neighbor – This is the most common complaint.  These are the neighbors that feel that they are doing the neighborhood a favor by sharing their music with everyone around. They are probably also the people that have parties and mow their lawn at the crack of dawn.
  1. Arguing Neighbor – When couples or parents and children argue loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear, it is usually more embarrassing for the people that are being forced to listen.  You do not want to hear their business but they have put you in the middle of it which is not usually a preferred place to be.
  1. Unsupervised Children Neighbor – Depending on how many children you are dealing with, these may be the most annoying neighbors of them all.  These are the parents that allow their children to play in the road, in your driveway and your yard.  These are the out-of-control children that sit and scream at the top of their lungs for no reason.  Why don't they heed your warming to stay off your property?
  1. No Maintenance Neighbor – There is nothing worse than everyone in the neighborhood taking care of their lawn in the summer, raking leaves in the fall and shoveling in the winter, except for one lazy neighbor.  These are often paired up to be the same annoying neighbors with unsupervised children that probably also have their lawn covered in toys as well.
  1. Loose Dog Neighbor – There are laws that dogs should not be off a leash roaming around freely unless they are in their fenced in yard.  Even if their dogs are friendly, what if your dogs that are being provoked by them are not?

Basic Solution

Dealing with annoying neighbors is challenging because you never want to start a war with them since you never really know just how vindictive they can be.  When confronting them for the first time, it is helpful to be apologetic that you are really sorry for having to bring something up to them.  This puts them in a more understanding state and offers a higher chance of them being apologetic too.

If you begin with threats and your relationship turns nasty, it is often hard to untangle the problem.  Be pleasant and if their behavior is corrected in the future, take the time to send a thank you note.

What If They Ignore Your Request?