Annoying Kids

Avoiding Annoying Kids

Can annoying kids be avoided? In some instances they probably can, at least for a period of time. Eventually however you're going to run into one, and like most adults, feel completely helpless about how to go about dealing with him or her.

If you're a parent, the answer is a resounding "No!" Not only can you not avoid them, they are a fixture, and often the only thing you can hope for is improvement over time. Either they will become less annoying, which thankfully most of them do, or you simply become a little more thick-skinned.

There are times we get annoyed with parents who have annoying kids, wondering why they haven't done a better job of bringing their kids up, or wondering if they even care about how their kids act. Most parents do care, and most parents tend to think their kids are more annoying that others think they are. That's simply because an annoying kid, one who is any good at it, often does much the same thing all day long, like singing the first dozen words of a song, or saying something over and over again, be it a phrase, or a word like "diarrhea" that they know will get a reaction when constantly repeated.

There are book written on dealing with annoying kids, including some very good ones. Since even parents can feel helpless in dealing with the situation, it's nice to have a source of expertise to go to. The one problem is that annoying is a subjective term. Something annoying to one person can (though not all that often) seem cute to another, at least until the saying or action is repeated for the tenth time. Something annoying is often funny the first time, which means that if you the parent, laughs, your youngster has just latched onto something that is now supposed to be funny, something that bears repeating, ad nauseam. Of course, if the annoyance makes you angry, that can also give some kids the incentive to keep it up.

Annoying Toys - Annoying kids often have annoying toys, which in turn are sometimes given to them by well-meaning but annoying relatives. Most young boys love toy fire engines, which is fine and healthy, except some toy fire engines have sirens, and for a few days, weeks, or until the battery runs down, are always on their way to a fire, siren blaring. Annoying kids also like toys that talk, especially toys that repeat the same thing over and over, which teaches the kid that repeating the same thing over and over is normal rather than annoying.

Of course you can't blame a kid who's just learning to talk for repeating something over and over. You probably did the same when your vocabulary was limited to a few dozen words. In this respect the kid is acting just like a grownup does when learning a foreign language, knowing if you don't keep using a word you'll soon lose the capability of doing so.

Beagle Blood The Cause? - Still, most kids, though annoying at times, are cute and lovable much of the time. Annoying kids are something like beagles. They are cute to look at but don't listen, don't come when called, and have a habit of licking you in the back of the knee when you're wearing shorts. If you're driving with one in a car and it spots another dog, its howl or bay easily drowns out any annoying kid's annoying fire engine siren.

Somehow, most of us survive annoying kids, even when we think we may not, and fear they'll eventually take over the world. The vast majority of them grow up to be very nice people who will someday have annoying kids of their own.